I’m super excited to share this Client Story behind some Broomfield Fall Portraits with you! (Yes, I know it’s well past fall into winter now – but I just didn’t get a chance to share this story or these images before. It’s the December break that gave me time to  pull all this together. Better late than never, right?  😉

Jade is a local Broomfield mother, and the owner and chef behind Jades Kitchen (Delicious food made with love.) It’s such a treat to get to order healthy, delicious homemade food for your family! And of course, it’s a bonus that you get to support a local mother-owned business. Well, perhaps the biggest bonus is that you don’t have to shop or cook or clean – it’s all done for you. LOVE that!

Jade had me do her family portraits and we had so much fun with her sweet calm family. Seriously, the most mellow, calm daughters ever! I wish I could bottle that and release it at my own house from time to time.

BTW, she also had me do Headshots with Personality(sm)  to create an image bank (a full suite of marketing photos) for her business, website and marketing materials (more on that later!)

For today, I’m sharing  her images from her beautiful Premium Family Portrait album, starting with the cover and the back. I think it’s great to see what a finished product looks like. Esp if you aren’t so much the video type, and you prefer to look @ “still images.”

One thing people often notice (and appreciate) is that I take a variety of photos that capture each of the unique relationships within your family: you and your spouse, your spouse and the kids, you and the kids, you and each kid individually, the kids together, the kids alone, etc.









I’m so excited to share these beautiful images with you.

  1. Tell us a little bit about you and your family?

I love my family. As a family we love the big and little things – taking a road trip to a new part of Colorado that we haven’t seen before, hiking in Boulder, playing board games and UNO, watching movies, eating ice cream at our favorite local spot – Sweet Cow, traveling to new places – two years ago we rented a house at the beach in Oregon (favorite vacation so far), eating dinner at Happy Sumo

For myself, I love to be alone in my free time. It gives me time to think and re-energize. If I feel indulgent, I will curl up on the couch and read my book, or watch a movie. I do love coffee dates with friends, but I always have to make sure I carve out some time just for me.

The one thing I have always dreamed of doing…is an African Safari. It would be spectacular and frightening at the same time to see all those wild animals!

  1. What made you decide this was the time to do a family photo session?

Jillian, my first baby, was starting middle school, and Ella, my second baby, was about to turn 8. It was the perfect time to capture them, ages 7 & 10. I will always remember them in these photos – still believing in Santa Clause and the tooth fairy.

  1.  Was there anything you were nervous or worried about before the session?

I wasn’t worried about a thing! Natascha is so professional and did such a great job at preparing us so we had an idea of what to expect.

  1. What made you choose Natascha Lee Studios?

I had seen a marketing brochure for her business, and the photos were absolutely stunning.

  1. How did the actual  photo session go? What was your favorite part of your session?

The photo session was everything I hoped it would be! She did such an amazing job capturing the girls in the sweetest of moments. I love how authentic our pictures are, even when we are “posing.”

My favorite part of the session was watching Jorin, my husband, with the girls, and the girls tickling him on Natascha’s cue. He loves his girls so much.

  1. How about the viewing session? – What did you think or feel when you saw your gallery of images? What did your husband think?

Oh my goodness! I laughed when she offered me a tissue (Note from Natascha: I often say that “I make moms cry, because a lot of the time a mom will get teary-eyed when viewing her family’s photos for the first time). And then the slide show of my family portraits started, and I started to cry tears of love and joy.

Needless to say, the viewing session was very special. for all of us. Natascha is a true professional, making her clients (including the little ones) feel comfortable, and making the session incredibly special, with lots of laughter in between.

  1. What do you hope your children will say/feel/think years down the road when looking at these images?

That they were little, and sweet, and innocent, and believed in Santa Clause… Most importantly, that we are a close family and we love each other so much.

  1. Any advice to other families before their photo sessions?

I would honestly say to them: “Natascha is so talented, and does an amazing job at capturing the moment. She listens to your vision, and then perfects it on a whole new level. Her attention to detail is represented in her work. You can trust that your pictures will be perfect.”

  1. How did you feel/what did you think when received your final order/had your products delivered?

Absolute amazement. And we received so many compliments!

I especially appreciate all the details – from the pictures being wrapped in beautiful boxes with ribbon, the homemade tray holding our pictures, to the custom wooden USB – the presentation was beautiful.

Thank you Jade! It was my pleasure to create your family portraits!

Broomfield Family Photographer












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