Yay Summer! We are just a few days into Colorado’s Summer.  All this rain has made my favorite outdoor family portrait locations look so lush and green and beautiful! Here’s a sample image of one of my favorite family portrait locations in Westminster.

All that green, the natural winding walking path, overhead trees with shade; this is sheer beauty.  The way the trees wrap around means that I can shoot from just about any angle, and we have a lovely background. This is especially important when doing children’s photography, as they want to run everywhere! Better to move yourself and your camera, than to ask them to stay still. This Westminster spot also has lots of cool things for kiddos to explore…even a fallen tree across the water! (I’ll post a portrait taken there in a future blog posting.)

Locations like this make me think: “Perfect – just add family.”  Like the family below: Grandma, Grandpa, Mom and Baby Boy. Oh this little boy is so very loved! And so lucky to have  such kind, fun Mamma and Grandparents. (I’m sure they believe they are the lucky ones, because this is one super sweet little kiddo!)

My clients know that beautiful family portraits (ones that capture their family’s true spirit)  are priceless. And the results? They become family heirlooms. And when doing 3-generation portraits, ones that have Grandma and/or Grandpa in them, those will be cherished for three generations at least.  Yours (the parent), your parents (the grandparents), and your children. And, chances are, also your children’s children – your grandchildren. How cool would it be if you had a photo that included your parents, your grandparents, and your  great grandparents? Esp if it captured them just being themselves?

For one of my favorite Grandpa portraits ever,  click here. The image is from this very session, of Grandma and Grandson with their matching walks. Almost made me think of Monty Python’s Minestry of Silly Walks.

Outdoor Family Portraiture in Westminster, Colorado - Lush Green Nature Park Locations3 generation (Grandma, Grandmpa, Mom, Baby Boy) Portrait in Westminster Colorado Great Nature Location Outdoors

Westminster Family Portraits – Multi Generational with Grandparents – Outside Nature Locations

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