May the 4th Be With You (What a difference a year makes)

May the 4th Be With You (What a difference a year makes)

I’m missing my “May the 4th” pal this year. We seem to have viewing sessions around May 4th each year.

But just had to share what a difference a year makes. Here is her lovely Denver child model daughter, Presley in her tutus! We love tutus!

These photos were taking almost exactly a year apart. PS – For our last “1 year apart” image, click here.

Denver Child Model with Tutu 1 year apart

I highly recommend annual photo sessions WITH your kids. It’s so fun to see how they grow from year to year.

As I tell all my client, friends, family (anyone who will listen, really) – investing in quality family portraits is one of the best choices you can make this year.

Long after the spontaneous Target or Costco shopping spree is spent (been there, done that), or the stylish purse, the on-trend shoes, the expertly applied streaky hair highlights (or purple hair tips) are gone, long after the fancy meals are eaten, the fine wine is drunk and forgotten, long after the pretty new couch looks worn and old – these images are what will last forever and bring you joy several generations.

BTW, to ready more about Presley, her mother, their journey in the modeling world, and what a child model headshot session is like with me, click here.

Denver Kid’s Photography – Which is better for you: Indoor Studio Portrait Sessions vs Outdoor Portrait Sessions

Denver Kid’s Photography – Which is better for you: Indoor Studio Portrait Sessions vs Outdoor Portrait Sessions


Denver Kid's Photography - Indoor Studio Portrait Sessions vs Outdoor Portrait Sessions

Studio Image and Portrait on the Left, Outdoor Image and Portrait on the Right

Denver Children’s Portraits: Indoor Studio vs Outdoors

It’s beautiful Fall in Denver! Clients often ask me where we should take their family photos:  Indoors @ my Studio, or outdoors? (Click here for a tour of my amazing studio.)

To help you out, here is a side-by-side comparison for studio vs outdoor photography for *family* photos for the top 6 Factors to consider: (BTW, for business headshots, I almost always recommend indoor, either @ my Studio or @ your place of business if the lighting there is great).

Factor #1: Weather

Indoor, of course, is stable and predictable. And if you are doing newborn infant portraits, it’s about the only way to  go (unless it’s super warm outside). You can wear whatever you want, since you don’t have to consider the temperatures. And you probably won’t have to reschedule due to weather (snow storms excepted, of course.)

Outdoors, you may have to reschedule if it’s really cold. But I have done portraits in the rain, in the snow, etc. It can add some great variety to your family portraits to have snow softly falling. The wind can make your hair look great – like a fashion model with your hair blowing around you!

Winner: Tie, since indoor is weather-neutral, but outdoor can offer great variety and even some hair-flattering wind! (Yes, I am a predominantly outdoor portrait photographer – that’s why I love the variety)

Factor #2: Light

Indoors is a bit more stable, but if it ‘s cloudy, then outside get the win. It’s lovely to photograph in cloudy weather; we call it God’s Softbox. If your kids have blue eyes, they will be more sensitive to the sun, and indoors will be easier on their eyes – so we have less squinting.

Winner: Since I am mostly a natural light photographer, and I have an amazing studio with  great light, the win for this goes to indoors.

Factor #3: Backgrounds

My studio has tons of different backgrounds inside and out (just check out this recent small business owner headshot session for an example of that), but there is nothing as beautiful as Colorado nature backgrounds. Or your own home, for that matter -whatever space is special to you and your family! I have photographed at Wash Park for a stylish urban family, in the Boulder Mountains for an outdoorsy, community-leaders family, at Red Rocks for a family that LOVES Red Rocks, at a private barn for a close-knit family and at a beautiful local pond space for a sweet active family that wanted to include their crazy dog! If a space is special to you, then we can craft your family portraits there.

Winner: Outdoors.

Factor #4: Young Kid-Friendly

Kids love being able to move, and run around.  If you have just one kid, Studio Sessions can work well, especially if you like the Urban feel. (I even do photos on the roof @ my studio – very hip and Downtown-Denver Urban vibe.)

But, if you have more than one child or a very rambunctious one, and def. if you plan to include the family dog, then outdoors is the way to go so they have plenty of space to run and move.

Winner: Outdoors

Factor #5: Teenager-Friendly

If you have a teen, you already know the answer; teenagers prefer my Studio – the huge loft-like feel, the urban outdoor spaces, etc. But since *Mom* (or Dad) is organizing and paying for the portraits, please go with what YOU want to put on your living room wall. The kiddos will be gone to college in a few years (which, BTW, is a great reason to schedule family portraits NOW), and you will be the one who gets to look at that portrait for years to come.

Winner: Indoors/Studio

Factor #6: Number of people

If you are doing more than three people, I recommend outdoors. The vast space will accommodate more people and move configurations of you and your family members.

Winner: Outdoor

There you have it, 6 key factors to consider if you aren’t sure whether to go with indoor or outdoor photos. And since “outdoors” won slightly over “indoors”, be sure to also check out this post on the best outdoor locations for family photography,

Broomfield Ballerina Girls / Young Dancer Friends| Natascha Lee Studios

Love these little ballerinas from Broomfield:

Friends - Ballet Girls in Broomfield, Colorado - Custom Photography for Ballerinas (Natascha Lee Studios)

Broomfield, Colorado – Children and Kid Photography

If you are in the Broomfield or surrounding areas (Westminster, Highland, Denver, Golden, Louisville, Lafayette, Boulder) – give me a call if you would like a custom portrait session for your little ballerina!

Broomfield, Colorado: Custom Storybook Session | Baby, Children and Family Portraits by Natascha Lee Studios

Fall is here in Broomfield and the leaf colors are STILL stunning. It’s wonderful to have Autumn’s yellows and even green grass(!) in November for Family Portraits.

Speaking of Fall Family Portraits, I was honored to do this custom portrait session for fellow my Broomfield Mamma  Jennelle and her beautiful family.

Jennelle is one of those Wonderful Women with the Magic Three:  Brains, Beauty and a Kind Heart. Her son is sweet and super smart. Her daughter is a joy, so full of smiles and silliness (and check out the red tutu and cowboy boots!). And her little baby is just so beautiful and happy. Daddy had me laughing the entire time. You’ll see in the video some of the hilarious antics he pulled, and his son is def. his “partner in crime”! Of course, I photographed all the goofy times also, as that’s the true, fun-loving spirit of this family.

For families looking for the most Deluxe Portrait Experience I offer, this is it!  My Premium Storybook Session with Video.*

We did a location scouting visit a few weeks beforehand (such a cool barn!), I assisted with custom crafting of portrait style (clothes, props, etc.), super-size photo shooting session and  gallery proofs, video fusion, and then this amazing final video. Enjoy!

Natascha Lee Studios Storybook Session Movie High Res –  Jennelle

Broomfield, Colorado – Baby, Children and Family Photography: Vibrant, Joyful and Fun!

*I’m booked for the rest of 2013, but please contact me to reserve your session for 2014!