Modeling Photos for Denver Teen Models and Denver Cheer

Modeling Photos for Denver Teen Models and Denver Cheer

Here is a recent BTS (behind the scenes) photo taken during a teen model photos session.  Mom is so cute and stylish! And she is holding the reflector for when her daughter turns around and faces the other way (not for this particular shot.)

This was a super fun session we did Sunday afternoon @ my studio.  Her daughter is into competitive cheer and is, as you can see, crazy flexible.  They brought tons of cute clothes and we had a blast picking our favorite 3 outfits for the modeling session.

If you are looking for a great gift to give your teenage daughter, give her a modeling photos session! Even if she doesn’t want to pursue modeling, it will be an amazing experience and she’ll have some fab photos to share on IG or Snapchat. Plus, you’ll have great photos that celebrate who she is today, in all her lovely teenage glory.

Many of my Denver child and teen modeling clients have not done this before, and I provide plenty of tips on how to prepare, what to bring, clothing advice, etc.

Most importantly, your teenage will feel on cloud 9 after the experience. B/c it’s always about the journey as well as the destination, right? So the actual session is a blast, and then you get photos that Wow you in the end. Win/win! 😉

BTW, this gal’s mom was super smart – she was close by, but she never made suggestions on what her daughter should do during the shoot. That’s a tip I share with parents – teenagers are their own person, and they would rather not have their parents directing them during the shoot. (That’s what I’m there for!)  Even when you are picking out clothes, bring some outfits that you like and some that they like. You’ll end up with a great mix of photos that you love, and also photos that reflect their true personality.

Denver Teen Modeling Photogrpahy - Flexible Dancer GirlDenver Teen Model and Cheer Photographer

Denver Urban Photography Studio Tour  2-   Natascha Lee Studios – Denver Baby, Kids, Family and Highschool Senior Photography

Denver Urban Photography Studio Tour 2- Natascha Lee Studios – Denver Baby, Kids, Family and Highschool Senior Photography

Brrr. It’s cold in Denver today. And tomorrow’s Denver forecast says a high of 2 degrees. When it’s this cold, I like to huddle inside with the dog, coffee, the fire going, and catch up on sharing some recent work. How about a little Denver Urban Photography Studio Tour?

I’ll let you in on a little secret – often, I get a question like, “I would like my model portfolio done by you. Do you have any places you shoot with red brick walls, kinda distressed?” And that will become an inspiration to do a blog posting….I can answer that photography client’s specific question with images, and then I have it available anyone in the future who asks.

Today, I’m sharing a few iphone videos taken this Fall @ one of my satellite studio locations. This isn’t far from my Denver Studio, but it’s a totally different Urban space and feel.  For one thing, it’s mostly outdoors – so not so great on sub-freezing days. But the variety of background make for fab photos. I did a senior shoot here in the fall, and the space helped us get truly unique photos to celebrate Bella, the Cherry Creek Highschool (CCHS) senior during this special time in her life.

The videos below help you get a feel for the place, and I’ve included photos taken in each of the spaces (like my other studio tour posts here and here).

First up is this great red brick barn, with sliding doors on one side and it is just flooded with natural light from the sliding doors:

Denver Urban Photography Studio Shooting Space Video 4 from N Lee on Vimeo.

We can make photos like this:
#CCHS Senior Photos - CCHS_ClassOf2017_IMG_7637_NataschaLeeStudios-eal-sfw

And the cool metal staircase in the corner can be used like this:
Cherry Creek Highschool Senior Portraits - Denver Family and Model Photographer

This one shows the barn and the outside:

Denver Urban Photography Studio Shooting Space Video 1 from N Lee on Vimeo.

Then there’s this great corner with lots of plants including grape vines climbing an arbor, a super cool metal table, vines climbing the walls, and yummy light:

Denver Urban Photography Studio Shooting Space Video 1 from N Lee on Vimeo.

We can do photos like this:

Denver CCHS Senior, Beautiful Brunette, Denver Senior Photographer

Finally, the part that is probably my favorite – the huge sliding doors.

Denver Urban Photography Studio Shooting Space Video 1 from N Lee on Vimeo.

And we can use those doors, and the diffused light as a background to make photos like this. I just love, love, love this image:

Denver Model Photography - Natascha Lee Studios

So that’s the tour. This space is a special place, and available as an upgrade option to your photo session!

Finally, I’ll include some photos I used in a previous post. I was going to link to them, but I might as well just include them here:

Denver Model Portfolio Photographer Natascha Lee Studios - IMG_0339-(2)-eal-sfw

Denver Urban Portraits by Natascha Lee Studios - IMG_5865-eal-sfw

Natascha Lee Studios - Urban Outdoor Private Shooting Space - Denver Family Photographer

Denver Headshots - Urban Shooting Space - Natascha Lee Studios - IMG_5867-eal-sfw

Broomfield Kid and Family Portraits - Urban Shooting Space - Natascha Lee Studios - IMG_5869-eal-sfw

Wouldn’t this be a great place for your child’s Highschool Senior Photos? Or a Modeling Portfolio? Or for family portraits for an urban feel?  Let’s do it – Contact me today!

Denver / Broomfield Kid’s Photographer

Denver / Broomfield Kid’s Photographer

Today I’m sharing a recent Denver / Broomfield Kid’s Portrait session with the cutest little 3 year old girl (her family lives in Broomfield, but we did the photos @ my Denver studio).

We’ll that’s what the blog posting started out as -just to share some really adorable portraits I did of an adorable 3 year old girl. Then, as I started finding links to other photos I took of this family, I realized how honored I am to be able to craft fine family portraits for them again and again, as their children grow. The last part of that last sentence is hard to write because their middle child, Miss M,  got her fairy wings exactly 2 years ago.

The sadness I feel as I write that fact is held in my heart at the same time as this fact:  I’m also so grateful I was able to provide things like this stunning family portrait session while she was still with us and very much her: joyful, dancing, full of life and vitality (even though her body was already fighting).

I can’t put into words how honored I am to provide heirloom portraits for all my families. This is even more true when one of the family members is no longer with us on earth.

Let’s chat about sweet Miss B – I was so excited to photograph her again!  Her Grandma started this great tradition with Miss B’s mom where the kids are photographed at the age of 3 in similar traditional backgrounds/old fashioned clothes/poses. Here is Miss B’s photo, which will proudly hang on the wall along with those of Mom, Auntie, Big Sister Miss M, and Big Brother.

Look at that impish little smile! And her sparkling eyes!

Denver Kids Fine Portraiture - Natascha Lee Studios

And here is a BTS (behind the scenes) image from the shoot. See all that yummy natural light in my Denver studio? When doing the type of image I did above, I have to make that beautiful light a “non-issue” so that all the light falling on the image is controlled and from OCF (off camera flash.) So I used both flash and an LED light panel. Anyway, as much as I LOVE photographing with natural light, it’s always fun to mix it up and do something different.

Here’s a little backstory for you: in order to get her to stand in the correct spot, I put a little tape on the ground and asked her to stand on top of it, to cover it with her feet. She was great at this.

Denver Kid's Photography - Behind the Scenes - Natascha Lee Studios

And then, after we did the “traditionally lit” work, we moved on to a completely different set up – contemporary expressive with natural light. (Natural light portraits are my specialty.)  And since they would already be there @ the studio, why not do a second type of portraits, too? If time allows, I will often suggest we “mix it up” with a change of location, outfits….or even just accessories! Here is my favorite from that second part of the shoot. Her Mamma has serious style, and she brought just the cutest clothes. Little Miss B personifies “cute as a button.”

Denver Kids Portraits - Heirloom Portraits for Denver Parents

Denver and Broomfield Children’s and Family Photographer


Earth Day – Earth Mother – Cherry Creek Photography

Earth Day – Earth Mother – Cherry Creek Photography

Happy Earth Day! This #EarthMother image is one I commissioned as a gift for a super fun portrait client from Cherry Creek! I did modeling headshots/ portfolios for both of her beautiful daughters. When I interviewed them, she said if she could have any superpower, it would be EarthMother, so I had an EarthMother drawn for her.

BTW, the insanely talented artist who did this is Electra from Italy. I am so lucky to be able to work with people like her. Every time I get a piece of art from her, it makes me smile all day. Do you have anyone like that you work with? Every time they deliver their creativity to you, it delights you so much that you smile all day?

Earth Day Mother Earth - Cherry Creek Family Portraits by Natascha Lee Studios

Cherry Creek Children’s and Family Photographer


Denver Newborn Photography – BTS (behind the scenes) @ a viewing session.

Denver Newborn Photography – BTS (behind the scenes) @ a viewing session.

Here is an absolute fav from a recent Denver newborn  + family portrait session:Denver Newborn Photography - Family Portraits

Erin (above) came for her viewing session – She told me she was so excited that she couldn’t sleep the night before. 😉 We did the shoot in her fabulous, light-filled custom designed (by her) home, but we met for the viewing session @ my studio. We opened the wine, had a few snacks and then previewed her images.

After she saw the images for the first time, she said “Oh, I love you and I hate you.” (The “love” was b/c of how fab the images were….and the”hate” was a joke, because they were so amazing that it was going to be hard to pick her favorites.)

That’s what we do @ the viewing sessions – you get to see the images, you are wowed and overwhelmed (but very happy) and then I help you select your favorites depending on what you are planning to do (wall canvas, album, gifts for others, prints for the office, digital files, etc.). It can take 1 – 2 hours to do this, but you’ll end up with your favorite images in exactly the products you want! I can even superimpose properly scaled images onto an image of your wall. Here is a sample, taken from another family’s viewing session:

Canvas Collection - Denver Family Portraits

I had one of my personal favs made up into a matted print as a special thank you b/c this is the fourth time I have photographed her family and I absolutely adore them all. Here is a snapshot of her with it. She loved this image so much she told me it distracted her as she drove home.

Denver Mom and her Baby - Newborn PhotosDenver Children’s and Family Photographer