May the 4th Be With You (What a difference a year makes)

May the 4th Be With You (What a difference a year makes)

I’m missing my “May the 4th” pal this year. We seem to have viewing sessions around May 4th each year.

But just had to share what a difference a year makes. Here is her lovely Denver child model daughter, Presley in her tutus! We love tutus!

These photos were taking almost exactly a year apart. PS – For our last “1 year apart” image, click here.

Denver Child Model with Tutu 1 year apart

I highly recommend annual photo sessions WITH your kids. It’s so fun to see how they grow from year to year.

As I tell all my client, friends, family (anyone who will listen, really) – investing in quality family portraits is one of the best choices you can make this year.

Long after the spontaneous Target or Costco shopping spree is spent (been there, done that), or the stylish purse, the on-trend shoes, the expertly applied streaky hair highlights (or purple hair tips) are gone, long after the fancy meals are eaten, the fine wine is drunk and forgotten, long after the pretty new couch looks worn and old – these images are what will last forever and bring you joy several generations.

BTW, to ready more about Presley, her mother, their journey in the modeling world, and what a child model headshot session is like with me, click here.

Denver Children’s Photography (Anyone else have Spring Fever?) | Natascha Lee Studios

Denver Children’s Photography (Anyone else have Spring Fever?) | Natascha Lee Studios

Spring is just around the corner, and I have just a few slots left for Spring Photography Sessions.

Here’s one of my favs from last Spring’s Family Portraits:

Denver Children's Portraits IMG_8230--Natascha-Lee-Studios---Sharing-Files

Denver Children’s Portrait Photography

A Lovely Client Testimonial from Local Artist Amy Z of ZaneyBaby | Custom Outdoor Family Photography by Westminster, Colorado Natascha Lee Studios

Client testimonials rock my world! Here’s a lovely one from one of my Fabulous Fall in Colorado portrait sessions:

Natascha is a great photographer to work with! I have been fortunate enough to partner with her for product shots for my business, as well as family photos. She is wonderful with children and can get my usually challenging toddler to smile and engage with her! Thank you Natascha for all of your hard work and wonderful photographs!

-Amy Z.


By the way, Amy is a fabulous crochet artist with wonderful items for sale on Etsy. I am lucky enough to have an extensive selection of her her lovely props and use at least one of them in each of my my newborn sessions.

Below is one of my favorite images from their Fabulous Fall Portrait Session held in Westminster, Colorado – just look at the sunlight filtering through the changing Aspen and Cottonwood leaves..

I esp.  love the look on their little boy as he gazes down at Mommy and Daddy kissing!

Natascha Lee Studios web-5680


Finnaly! My Summer Video of a Custom Concept Portrait Session – Broomfield, Colorado Baby, Children and Family Photography by Natascha Lee Studios

Now that Denver is about to be under several inches of snow ;-), I’m finally posting my Summer Video.

This completes my “Four Seasons of Custom Family Portraits for Colorado Families” video series, which you can view here.

The summer one below was a concept session rather than a regular portrait session. Concept sessions are far more complex since they involve props, storyline, etc…., but they are also also tons and tons of fun.

This particular one was done over two successive evenings, and it even involved two assistants!

I think the results are spectacular, and it was even featured on InspireMeBaby.


Happy July 4th 2012 from Broomfield Newborn, Baby, Children, and Family Photography by Natascha Lee Studios

Happy July 4th 2012 from Natascha Lee Studios.

(Newborn, Baby, Children and Family Photography in Broomfield, Colorado:

Vibrant, Joyful, Natural and Fun!)

July 4th Children's Outdoor Concept Portraits by Broomfield Newborn, Baby, Children, and Family Photography Natascha Lee Studios


Watermelon, Tricycle, and a Lovely Park: Children’s Creative Concept Photography Session by Broomfield Family Photographer Natascha Lee Studios

This Broomfield children’s photography session was SO MUCH FUN! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these kid’s expressions!

The idea was to tell a story; Boy rides up on his “wheels” (tricycle), shares some stories, laughs and watermelon with girl, and then they ride off together. I actually shot this twice, the first time is below and the second time was for July 4th and those images will be posted next week.

Creative concept shoots are generally portraits that tell a story, and they usually use more props that more “regular” portrait photography.

That said, I lean towards simple props, ones that just help the portraits rather than overtake them.

I want the kids, their interactions, expressions and connection to be the focus of my photographic art. Because as mothers, that’s what we most cherish and want to remember forever. Enjoy!

Kids playing at the park : Broomfield Childrens and Baby Concept Photography Session by Natascha Lee Studios

PS – I’m even entering these images in a photography contest of sorts. Wish me luck!