Client Story: Kamala in Northglenn Baby Photography

Client Story: Kamala in Northglenn Baby Photography

Can I just brag on my clients a bit? They are sooooo sooo interesting. And kind, fun, and insanely photogenic!  Denver Family PhotographerNorthglenn Baby Photography

  1. Kamala, tell us a little bit about your and your family:

My name is Kamala  and I live in Northglenn, Co with my husband and 2 sons, Zane and Xavier.  I have a passion for making pottery, mostly functional ware, as well as practicing yoga.  I also enjoy going on bike rides with my family and hiking.  I love to travel and have been to many countries in the Middle East while teaching abroad in Bahrain.  I would love to live in another country again and share that experience with my sons.

  1. You’ve had several photos sessions with Natascha Lee Studios – tell us about them?

I have had 5 photo sessions with Natascha and have to say that she is amazing;  from maternity sessions with both my pregnancies, both of my newborns, and even my pottery.  She never tires, goes out of her way to be creative with her shots and has an amazing perspective on possibilities she sees to capture the best moments.  She is extremely patient and fun.  She adds props and personal sacred/meaningful items to make the photos special.

  1. Why did you want professional photos of your baby (as opposed to “snapshots” you could take on your own)?

My heart always melts when I see cute newborn photos and I knew I wanted photos of that caliber taken of my own children.  The photos I have taken on my own are nothing exciting and I don’t seem to have the “eye” for it.  It takes someone special and talented to really be able to give you this gift. Natascha possesses this quality and demonstrates how important it really is to capture quality photos you can cherish forever.

  1.  Was there anything you were nervous or worried about before the session?

I was worried about my babies not doing well or crying the whole time.  Natascha has an amazing touch with newborns and knows just what they need to settle and pose : )

5. How did the actual photo session go?

The session went smoothly.  I didn’t feel stressed and I felt like she really knew what to do and how to do it. My favorite part was seeing my baby dressed in a crocheted cocoon-like material all curled up and content.

  1. How about the viewing session? – What did you think or feel when you saw your gallery of images?

The  viewing sessions are always a tear-jerker. She puts the photos to music and takes you through the captured moments of the session.  Viewing my little one like that really opens my heart and I feel the joy of being a mom.

8. Any advice to other families before their photo sessions?

Enjoy it and trust in Natascha to bring you the quality photos you are wanting.  Come prepared with some personal items you may want to include in the photos that have meaning to you or baby.  This adds special meaning to the portraits.

9.How did you feel about your the final images you selected?

I love looking at them as they remind me of how sweet and little my babies were and the times of having an just infant. This is important because it adds to the memories I have around my home.

BTW…..See that little curly blonde hair boy kissing his new brother? Click here to see a BTS (behind the scenes) image from his newborn shoot! Time flies!