What it’s like to photograph newborn babies (a little laugh for today)

What it’s like to photograph newborn babies (a little laugh for today)

I’ve been busy with newborn baby portraits lately.  Oh, how I love photographing newborns, and meeting new families.

Those newborns are so sweet and they smell so good, but then I am reminded of something that someecards says best:


image credit: someecards.com

Newborn Photography in Denver, Boulder and Broomfield

A bit of a departure: Frozen Yogurt Dots (from Broomfield Baby Photography by Natascha Lee Studios)

I keep this blog about 95% photography related, so today is about the other 5%.

Like many mothers, I am addicted to Pinterest and find so many cool projects I want to do.

 Of course, I don’t always have the supplies nor the time, but here is one that was fun, easy, yummy and healthy:

Frozen Yogurt Dots. Mix food coloring into yogurt, squeeze out onto a cookie sheet in little dots, freeze, and eat!

For recipe and photos, go here.



Sweet Baby Boy “F” | Morrison Baby Photography by Natascha Lee Studios

This super sweet baby boy was a dream for our session. He slept the entire time (largely helped by the fact that Mommy and Daddy followed all the suggestions in the Newborn Tips and Tricks in my Studio Magazine and in the Client-Exclusive section of my website.)

These images really capture my photography style which is: Vibrant, Joyful, Natural and Fun!

It is such, such an honor to get to come in to my clients’ home a few days after their precious infant is born, and get to witness that overwhelming, caught-you-off-guard, brand new parent love. Even more of an honor to get to capture it with my artistic vision, and to provide them artistic images they will cherish forever.

I look at my own children’s newborn images and I sigh with joy as I am instantly transported back to the magic and wonder of those early new mommy days.

Natascha Lee Studios_Morrison Baby Photography - Baby boy and Mommy

Natascha Lee Studios- Morrison Baby Photography - Sweet Baby Boy F in Daddy's Hands