Happy Mother’s Day 2017 from Natascha Lee Studios

Happy Mother’s Day 2017 from Natascha Lee Studios

6 tips for Yoga Maternity Photos

6 tips for Yoga Maternity Photos

Yoga maternity photos combines two of my favorite types of photography. Here are 5 tips if you are into yoga (or dance), and considering Yoga or Dance maternity photos:

  1. Pick a photographer who has experience photographing both maternity and yoga or dance photos. They will understand best how to pose you. Bonus if they themselves are a former dancer or yoga teacher.
  2. Book your photographer for your 8th month of pregnancy, and plan to book about 3 months out – meaning, when you are 5 months pregnant. At about 8 months, you’ll have a big beautiful baby belly, but won’t be so far along that you may have to cancel because you are delivering!
  3. Discuss with your photographer the types of images you want. Indoor? Outdoor? Both? Posed? More natural and relaxed? Bare belly? How comfortable are you with moving and doing some yoga poses during the session?
  4. Bring a variety of clothing and accessories (like this super cool belt below).
  5. Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure the day before your shoot. Your nails will look great, and it will relax you.
  6. Have fun! This is a great treat you are giving yourself, and your future baby who will LOVE to see photos of themselves in Mommy’s belly.


Denver Yoga Maternity Photos

Denver Maternity Yoga Photographer

Denver Yoga Mamma Photography

Denver Yoga Mamma Photography

I photographed this Denver Yoga Mamma  back when she was pregnant with her first child, and  I photographed her baby when he was 7 days old. For our second maternity session here, we did a yoga-themed one. And I’ll be photographing this little baby very soon, as he is due this month! It will be my 5th photo session w/Kamala, as I photographed her and her pottery about 8 years ago! I love being her “official family photographer” and can’t wait to meet her newest family member…any day now!

Denver Yoga Maternity Photo shoot by Natascha Lee Studios

Denver Maternity and Yoga Mamma  Photographer



Broomfield Family Photography @ Red Rocks | Wall Display & In My Client’s Words

Broomfield Family Photography @ Red Rocks | Wall Display & In My Client’s Words

I’m thrilled, thrilled to share with you a Wall Display of this Broomfield family’s portraits @ Red Rocks and also her Client Interview. I have the coolest, most interesting clients!

Here’s what Jenn’s family photos look like in her living room.

Jenn designed this wall display herself – she is very organized and has a true talent for decorating and interior design. See how she selected a variety of images, and then unified them with the same type of frame and matt? And then I love how she hung them.

Notice the photo at the top, in the middle, of Jenn and her husband Chad? Then the one under it of Chad and her son Corbin? And the one on the far right of Jenn and Corbin? That’s super important to me when I take portraits of your family. I want to capture the entire family, and also images of the individual relationships – parents, parent and child, child and child if there are siblings, etc. Grouped together like this, they tell everyone a great story of your family. People LOVE to look at family portraits when they enter your home.

BTW, her clothes are from Lucky Brand, one of my favorite brands. Right after her session, once I saw all the cool new clothes she got, I had to go myself and get a shirt….or 5. 😉

Wall Portrait Display Ideas for Denver Family Portraits (Natascha Lee Studios)

Broomfield Family Photography at Red Rocks by Natascha Lee Studios

1. Tell us a little bit about your family…
Chad, Jenn and Corbin from Broomfield, CO. We are two working parents with a very active 8-year old. Both Chad and I are transplants (from Iowa and NJ respectively) and Corbin is a Colorado Native.  We love music, spending time with friends and our new house.
2. What made you decide this was the time to do a photo session? Were you marking any special occasion, etc?
We just built a new home, and while unpacking and decorating it hit me that we had not done a family photo session since The Mayor (Corbin’s nickname!) was born – 8 years ago. We wanted to have new pictures for our new house!
3. Tell us why you wanted your session @ Red Rocks, how is it special to you?
Music, the outdoors and Colorado are all so important to us. Red Rocks is one of our favorite places, so it seemed like a logical fit.
4. What was your favorite part of your session? Any funny stories?
The whole session was so much fun…even though it was the crack of dawn when we got there. But we knew it would be worth it because Natascha would be able to work with the best light! The place wasn’t deserted at sunrise, as there were quite a few people “doing the stairs”. But they aren’t any of those folks in our photos! I’m still in awe that sge was able to time pictures to make sure there were no runners or people working out in the background.
5. Was there anything you were nervous or worried about before the session?
Chad is not into super posed, unnatural looking photography, so I wanted to make sure his expectations would be met. Plus, an 8-year old can be unpredictable, so once everyone was super relaxed (which Natascha accomplished very quickly) and into the “session goove”, then I was able to relax myself.
6. What made you choose Natascha Lee Studios?
I have strong ideas about what I want. I love Natascha’s photographic style, but I also wanted to make sure our family portraits would be taken in her artistic style, but that they would also match what I had in mind. I used the pre-session consultation to talk with her about it.   Natascha not only got it, but she made me comfortable that she had the same image in her head. She is a perfect blend of professional and fun; so it was easy to relax and let her work her magic.
7. What do you hope your son/family will say years down the road when looking at these images?
I hope they always bring back happy memories, feelings of family and love. No matter where life takes him, the Red Rocks pics will always remind him that he was raised in a really special place.
8. Any advice to other families before their photo sessions?
Talk through your mental picture/your preferences and don’t be afraid to sound excited or use overly descriptive words. It’s *YOUR* vision that Natascha is going to translate. And, listen to Natascha’s advice and tips – it’s definately not her first rodeo!
9. What did you think or feel when you saw your final photos at the viewing session?
I had a feeling I was going to cry…and I did! I was overwhelmed by how perfect they were. It was so hard to pick and choose, but Natascha really helped narrow down the selections. I knew I wanted to do a collage wall of the photos, so we talked through which images would work.
10. How about when received your order/had your products delivered?
We love them. Love Love Love them. Plus, Natascha really over-delivered on the product delivery! We were not expecting the final product for a few more days, but Natascha delivered ahead of schedule and we were able to show them at our house warming party. Natascha has mastered the emotional part of family photography – it was perfect!

 Thanks Jenn! It was great to photograph your family!

Highland Denver Baby Photography | In my client’s words

Highland Denver Baby Photography | In my client’s words

This lovely email from a Highland Family came in a while ago – I’m just now getting around to posting it.

“We hired Natascha to take our son’s newborn photos, which were outdoors and included my husband and myself. I expected great photos,
but was absolutely blown away by what she delivered. I unequivocally recommend her if you are looking for beautifully crafted family portraits.”
– Monique, Highland Denver Colorado

I smile from ear to ear when I receive notes like this. My clients appreciate finely crafted portraiture and I appreciate them!

If you would like to read more  client testimonials, click here.

Highland Denver Baby Photography - Client Testimonial MoniqueHighland Denver Family and Baby Photography

This little Highland Denver baby, as you can see, is just adorable. He is calm and happy – almost regal! And he has that beautiful luminescent skin, just like his parents. I’m sure he will also inherit his parents’ drive and intelligence, both of which they have in spades.

I do most newborn photoshoots in my Denver Studio. But outdoor can be great if the weather cooperates. A tip: If you are doing outdoor photographs for your newborn baby, make sure it’s warm out and/or dress them in layers. If you want to do nude baby shots and it’s still Spring (when these photos were taken), then wait till your baby is about 3 months old. You won’t get the cuddly, curled up sleeping baby portraits (those only work until they are about 10 days old), but you’ll still get some fabulous images.

I actually recommend getting photographs every three months for your baby’s first year. I offer a “Baby Plan” that includes sessions @ maternity, newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and then 1 year old when we do a “cake smash”. Loads of fun!

If you would like to see a video of the entire portrait session for this Highland family, click here. It’s the first video at the top of the page.