Denver Headshots for Your Management Team (In-Studio)

Denver Headshots for Your Management Team (In-Studio)

Yesterday I shared what a Headshots with Personality(sm) On-Location session looks like for a local executive / businessman . Today I’m sharing images for a in-studio shoot for an entire management team. This is a good approach if you want the images to have a uniform look in terms of posting, lighting, etc.

I always provide tips on how to prepare your team for headshots (as it ‘s often a new experience).

We can use a plain gray or white background. That will give you plenty of options on what to do with the images, and different backgrounds you can use in post-processing. (Because it’s so much easier to remove or replace a plain colored background with uniform lighting than a complex one.)

Denver Headshots for Management Team - by Natascha Lee Studios Denver Headshots for Management Team - by Natascha Lee Studios Denver Headshots for Management Team - by Natascha Lee Studios Denver Headshots for Management Team - by Natascha Lee Studios

Denver Headshots for Management Team

Denver Headshots for Executives

Denver Headshots for Executives

The first couple months of the year are super slow for family portraits – because every had their portrait done last fall for their holiday cards. But, it’s a very busy time for headshots. Seems the new year brings on lots of new goals, and often “Having a great headshot” is one of those goals. I offer two types of headshots: both in-studio and on-location. Today I’m sharing on-location, and tomorrow (or, honestly, whenever I get around next to blogging!) will show some studio images for a team.

Sample Denver Headshots for Executives

Here’s a sample of what a Headshots with Personality(sm)  session looks like for a local executive / businessman . He didn’t want anything too wild, but he also didn’t want anything that was boring – he was looking for something that was professional and out of the ordinary. You can see that we did a variety of poses and backgrounds, so that he has some different images to use for different occasions.


Natascha Lee Studios - IMG_3832-Andy - Final Sharing Files Natascha Lee Studios - IMG_3887 Andy - Final Sharing Files Natascha Lee Studios - IMG_3884 Andy -Final Sharing Files Natascha Lee Studios - IMG_3853 Andy - Final Sharing Files Natascha Lee Studios - IMG_3849 Andy - Final Sharing Files Natascha Lee Studios - IMG_3809 Andy - Final Sharing Files Natascha Lee Studios - IMG_3778 Andy - Final Sharing FilesIMG_3764 Andy - Gallery Proofs Male Branding Headshot Gallery eal sfw IMG_3777 Andy - Gallery Proofs Male Branding Headshot Gallery eal sfwDenver Headshots for Executives

Denver Child Model of the Month Presley

Denver Child Model of the Month Presley

I’m thrilled to introduce you to our Denver child model of the month, Presley. I have done her Child Model Headshots twice, and I’ve also done her father’s Headshots with Personality(sm)  for his business – he’s an entrepreneur. Presley’s mother has the very best style! Plus, as fellow tech geeks, we have a “May the Fourth” tradition.

I love how Presley’s aunt comes to the shoots, and the viewing sessions, etc. One of my favorite BTS images ever, which came from this shoot,  is here. A very close knit family! And I can’t wait to do their family portraits later this year! 😉

  1. Tell us about you, mom:

My name is Seonah, born in South Korea,  lived in New York for 25 years but now living in and loving Coloardo.

When I’m by myself, I enjoy creating/crafting things. I love working on scrapbooks for Presley, or working in my green house. I don’t have the best “green thumb”, but there’s a lot of satisfaction watching something you planted bear fruit.

As a family, we love taking road trips together. The longest trip we took was to Chicago, 14 plus hours in the car, we had a lot of quality time without TV or Internet. Presley is a little thrill seeker, so for the summer we bought season passes to Elitch Gardens. She’s just tall enough to ride all the kiddie ride!

  1. Tell us about your child model:

Presley will be  turning 3 in July. She loves to read, one of her favorite is “Go, Dog. Go!” by Dr. Seuss. She reads it cover to cover a few times before bed. She’s very into the original Star Wars Trilogy. She asked to have a Star Wars theme birthday party this year, and requested the presence of Hans Solo and Chewbacca. However, she also loves Disney princesses like Elsa, Mulan and Ariel. She loves playing with clay, and creating meals for everyone. She’s extremely active, and loves to run, play sports and dance.

3. What is something about your child that surprises people?

People are surprised to find out how “tomboyish” Presley can be. She loves to be tossed up in the air and free fall down. Jumps off of everything and see if she can fly like a super hero. She’s also very independent. She seems to enjoy her “alone” time, sitting on the couch with a book, while “The Big Bang Theory” is playing in the background.

4. What made you/your child interesting in modeling?  What sort of experience have you had so far?

I thought it would be a fun experience for Presley. She’s such a little ham, and loves to put on a show for fun. She booked her first magazine shoot in March, and it was an amazing time. I don’t think she fully grasps the idea of being a “model” and taking pictures of the clothes. I just told her she was going on a play date, and she had a blast.

5. This is your second time working with Natascha Lee Studios for your modeling headshots…why did you pick her for your Denver Child Model Headshots?

The first time I searched for a photographer, I  Googled online and used key words like “Child” “Model” “Headshots”, and Natascha’s name constantly came up first. After researching Natascha, I learned that she was a main photographer for a reputable children’s modeling agency. I was a complete newbie to professional photos and modeling agencies, so I wanted to go with a photographer that had knowledge about both worlds. The first time I spoke with Natascha, I knew she was the right photographer for us. She was so friendly, welcoming and informative. I didn’t feel intimidated, and she put me at ease. Presley was 1.5 years old the first time Natascha took her pictures, and the final results left me speechless. She captured all the beautiful smiles, big laughs and serene looks. Wowever she was also able to capture Presley’s spirit, and true essence. I went with Natascha for the second time, because she did such wonderful job the first time, I knew she would do the same again.

6. Was there anything you were nervous or worried about before the session?

For parents with toddlers, you know your child’s mood can change on a whim. Presley for the most part is a well behaved, go with the flow kind of girl, however a week prior to the shoot, it’s as if she learned the meaning of a tantrum. I was worried she would not be into taking pictures that day. To my relief, not only did she want to take pictures, she was excited for it. I think that had a lot to do with Natascha’s fun vibe.

7. How did the actual photo session go? What was your favorite part of your session?

The session was fun and exciting.  My favorite part was re-enacting a shot from her previous session. The photo Natascha captured was perfect. It showed how my little girl has changed so much in a year. One of my favorite shots. Literally gave me chills when I saw it.

8. Any advice to other models before their photo sessions?

The morning of the photo session, we were running a little late so I asked my husband to feed Presley breakfast as I got ready. My husband gave her sugary cereal and sugary yogurt. I would’ve opted for some eggs and toast. By the time we got to the studio, Presley was already bouncing off the walls. She was so full of energy, it was hard to keep her still. My advise would be to eat a healthy, balanced breakfast so you have a good amount of energy in your system, without jittery sugar blasts. 🙂

9. How did you feel/what did you think when received your images?

Delighted and fortunate. I was so grateful that Natascha captured Presley perfectly. I also felt fortunate to have these pictures to look back on when she’s all grown up.

10. And the most fun question of all – If you could have any superpower, which one would it be and why?

My super power would be to help people see the brighter side of things, or reveal their compassionate side. ie: When individuals are riled up, and about to get into a fight, or just filled with anger. I would help them see their softer, compassionate, loving side, and they’ll see how “ugly” they’re being towards themselves and others. Once we’re able to see kindness within ourselves, it’s when we’re able to share it with others.

I would call this “Hippie power”.

You can check out Presley’s full modeling portfolio at:


Denver Child Model PhotographerDenver Child Model Headshots

Denver Headshots with Personality

Denver Headshots with Personality

Headshots : One or Ten?

Most clients that want headshots- whether they are small business owners, or local executives, THINK they only need one image. However, they usually find great benefit in having a “library” of images for different occasions.

Idea #1: Outfits

A couple outfit changes will give you variety.

Idea #2:

And you’ll want a few different expressions – perhaps a big smile for your LinkedIn profile, and maybe one a bit more conservative for your company’s annual report. You’ll want something in-between super friendly and super formal if you are presenting @ an industry event.

Idea #3: Backgrounds

It’s also good to have a few different backgrounds – or a least some indoor and some outdoor.

Idea #4: Props

If you have any items you use in your business, include those in some of your shots!


There are a hundred different uses for your professional headshots, and you’ll want at least 10 different looks to match the headshot to the specific use.

Also, if you run your own business, people love to see YOUR images (not stock photography) when they come to your website.

Below are four examples of a Headshots with Personality session, where the client wanted a library of marketing images to use.


Denver Headshots with Personality - JV - by Natascha Lee Studios


Denver Headshots for Business Executives


Denver Headshots with Personality - Gloria


Jade-Blog-Collage-eal-sfwDenver Headshots with Personality (sm)

Broomfield Headshots With Personality – Jade’s Kitchen

Broomfield Headshots With Personality – Jade’s Kitchen

Jade had me do Headshots with Personality for her Broomfield meal delivery business, Jade’s Kitchen. Today we’ll hear about her, and her business. (BTW, I love her tagline: Delicious Food Made With Love.)   Next time,  I’ll share with you a bit about my process for working with business owners to create a “full marketing photo library” or “image bank” as they are sometimes called:


Broomfield Headshots for Business Owners

1) Jade, tell us a little about yourself, your family, where you live, what you like to do.

I grew up in Seattle, WA and moved to Broomfield, Colorado in 2008 with my husband and two girls. Broomfield has been a wonderful place to raise our children – we have a great sense of community and there are so many resources for families. Recently my family and I have enjoyed exploring the beautiful hiking areas nearby. For a weekend getaway we enjoy road trips around Colorado, capturing the beauty this state has to offer.

2) What is your business name & what do you do? How did you come up with that name? 

My business name is Jade’s Kitchen. It’s a dinner delivery service that specializes in all natural, organic meals that are already prepared and ready to be reheated. The name came from the idea that my food feels as if it’s cooked out of my own kitchen – a place where my family and friends come together for good food, and always a lot of laughter! Jade’s Kitchen – Delicious Food Made with Love.

3) What made you want to go into this business?

The timing was perfect. My girls were both in school full-time, and I was ready to go back to work. My wish list was somewhat unreasonable, though, as I wanted a schedule that allowed me to be available for my kids. With some nudging and encouragement from my family, I decided to start a dinner service because of my love for food and cooking, focusing on what I felt to be important – organic, healthy and, of course, delicious!

4) What is your inspiration for your food? Where do you get your best ideas?

My inspiration for my food comes from the desire to eat well – high quality ingredients that are organic, and non-GMO. It goes beyond the flavor, and into the realm of foods that are made with ingredients that don’t have lasting negative effects. I wanted to create dishes that we all love, but made with ingredients we can trust. I consider my style of cooking organic comfort food – food that the whole family will enjoy!

5) What should someone do if they want to order (pricing range, go to your website, how far in advance, when you deliver)?

Ordering meals is so simple – just order from my website. At checkout you can decide your delivery time slot. My website is:

A new menu is posted on my website on Friday, and you have until the following Wednesday to place your order (for a Monday delivery). Subscribing to my website is the best way to stay informed on my weekly menu, as upcoming events or promotions.

Typical pricing ranges anywhere between $30-$40 per meal for a family of four, and you also have the option to order for two. You can include side dishes as well (broccoli, mixed greens, etc.) I deliver all my meals in a reusable bag, and my meals come in glass bakeware that can be reheated in the oven. All bags and glassware are returned to me (usually swapped during the next order).

I currently deliver to my surrounding area – Broomfield, and Westminster for a small delivery fee. Depending on the distance, I am open to other areas.

6) How have changed your approach as your business has grown and matured?

I am always trying to figure out ways to be efficient without taking away from the heart of my business – ingredients you can trust, and, or course, delicious food made with love. As my business has grown I have learned the importance of streamlining. I have been using the company, Door to Door Organics, to deliver my fresh ingredients used for cooking. They are a local company based in Lafayette. It’s great because they source their produce locally, it’s all organic, and it’s delivered to me, cutting out another trip to the store.

7) What’s the craziest or funnest experience you have had, running this business?

Learning to cook in a commercial kitchen where everything is bigger and better has been at times comical, intimidating, and definitely a learning process! The knives are so sharp that I feel as if I’m an onion-chopping pro… until I need to check myself before I lose a finger…

My favorite experience of running this business, though, is the continued support of my clients. Along the way, as I am learning to navigate this business, I have often wondered what in the world am I doing? But I feel a sense of support and loyalty, and I am so in awe and grateful for that.

8) What are your “secret weapons” or “helpers” for balancing motherhood of young children with running a business?

I am very fortunate that I have some flexibility in my work, but more importantly, a very supportive husband who is happy to take over when I’m gone (and when I’m home too!).

Finding the right balance is always a tricky thing. What I’ve learned so far is that regardless of how much or how little I work, I will never accomplish everything I feel I need to accomplish. I believe in simplifying as much as possible. I tackle one thing a day. I grocery shop online if possible (my secret weapon!), and I’m also happy to give my girls, ages 10 and 7 (almost 8!), jobs around the house.

Most importantly, I take pride in what I do. I believe it’s important for my daughters to see me in a different way. I am their mother, but I also go to work. I want them to understand and witness that you can be a mom, and you can have a career. I can run a household, but I can also run a business.

9) You use fresh, organic food – tell us a bit about that?

I use fresh, organic food because I believe it’s best for our body. The fruits and veggies are not grown with pesticides. The meats my family and I consume are not pumped with antibiotics, or hormones. It feels very unnatural to consume food that contains pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics, especially for young developing children, so I am very aware and conscientious of what I feed my family.

10) Who is your typical customer? What do they have in common (like: busy mothers, or people looking to save time but eat healthy)

My typical customer is a busy mom, because as we both know moms are busy! I think my service in general is very convenient. My philosophy of preparing meals with organic ingredients baked in glass bakeware, and delivered to your front door in a reusable bag makes it even more justifiable, not to mention not having to think about preparing dinner for your family during the most chaotic time of day! I believe that is the commonality of all my clients.

I order food from Jade and our family loves it! Go to to place your order.

BTW, Jade also hired me to do her family portraits – click here to see the images she selected as her very favorites, and to see what she said about the portrait process.

Denver Family Photography – New “Explainer” Video

Denver Family Photography – New “Explainer” Video

As you probably have heard, “explainer” videos are all the rage. They are brief (30 sec – 2 minute) videos that give a quick overview of your company, service, etc.

Here is mine, hot off the presses. Well, the digital presses that is:

Natascha Lee Studios 2016 Explainer Video from N Lee on Vimeo.


If you are looking for family portraits, that video gives you a super quick overview of me, the kind of photos I create, and my style.

Below are a few more key links that people like to have, when they are looking for a Denver family photographer and considering working with me.

Feel free to check them out. And, if you aren’t in the area looking for a Denver family photographer, ask your local photographer if they have similar links available for you to check out. In addition to pricing and their gallery, be sure to see a video or a sample of a full session – I always recommend seeing an entire session by your photographer. Because anyone can take one or two good photos, but you want a photographer that will deliver and entire gallery of great images for you to select from.

Not all photographers have a studio, but if they do have one, you’ll want to ask where it is and what it is like. Their studio is a great meeting place, you can see their product samples and it also provides a back up shooting location if your outdoor location gets rained/snowed out. (Although it can be very fun to shoot in the rain and snow!

1. What people say about working with me

2. My photo galleries, (one for each of my specialties so you can see my photography style)

3. Videos to see what an entire session would look like 

4. Pricing Overview

5. A bit about me

6. My N Denver Studio Tour