Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Wow, 2017. Super exciting, right? Like most folks, I love this time of year for Reflections and Goal Setting. Ah, the brand-new freshness of it all. Anything is possible!

BTW, here’s a great video on goal setting from the great Marie Forelo. “Purge and Prune, baby!”

So, I have this great backlog of wonderful stuff I’ve been wanting to share…but just not getting around to it for much of last year. (Which really means I wasn’t making it a priority, right? And that’s actually true. I was playing around with Instagram a lot last year. I’m still there, but I miss the depth and richness of longer-form info like blog posting. Sure, I love to scroll through my IG feed while waiting somewhere – same with my Pinterest boards.   But the online content that holds my attention and gives me things to think about – well, that’s usually videos or blog postings – like the one above from Marie.)

With the fun, family and friends-soaked holidays behind us, and the colder weather here now, I’ll have less distractions, plus, I’ll be inside staying warm a bit more! Perfect opportunity to share more of my work on my blog, as well as more tips for anyone interested in family photography. If you are client and see me finally share a shoot from a few months (or more) ago, I’m sorry it took me a while to blog it. Pls know that I def love it – that’s why I’m sharing it. (albeit a bit late)

Now, there is def a downside to investing time in writing blogs – and that’s the lack of feedback. It can feel like talking into a void. Esp. b/c most people don’t do blog comments anymore, and a “conversation” is so much easier on IG, FB, etc.  If you read this blog and like it, or have questions, or just want to share your ideas with me – I would love to hear from you. Here are some ways:

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Thanks and Happy New Year! I’ll leave you with one of my favorite recent art photos – from a trip along the California Coast last year, taken at sunset.

California Coast at Sunset

Denver Family Photographer

What to Wear for Winter Family Portraits : Teal

What to Wear for Winter Family Portraits : Teal

Here is an idea for what to wear for winter portraits..

For anyone wondering how to pull together an entire family’s outfits for portraits: First, pick your outfit, and then dress everyone else to match you.

BTW, I love the color and look of this coat, but I would suggest something short for portraits…or, get a gray sweater to wear under the coat. So you can have it unbuttoned. This is because we are so active during our portrait sessions, that you are likely to be sitting, running, etc. And this coat might constrict your movement…so view it as more of  a color/style suggestion that the exact cut.


Ah, teal – both bright and melancholy, energetic yet relaxed. This popular color looks fabulous in front of the lens, especially set against cloudy skies and yellow-orange leaves. It also looks fabulous on just about everybody, making it a wonderful choice as the star of your outfit.

Teal what to wear for winter portraits by Natascha Lee Studios

Denver Portrait Photographer