Cherry Creek, Colorado Newborn Portraits – Santa Baby by Natascha Lee Studios

Still catching up blogging baby and family portraits from previous photography sessions:

Here’s one of my favorite Personality Plus Baby Portraits!

Cherry Creek, Colorado Newborn Portraits - Santa Baby by Natascha Lee Studios

Cherry Creek Baby Photography

Denver, Colorado – What to Wear for Your Family Portrait Session – Part 1 (from Natascha Lee Studios)

Wow! I’m booking Denver baby, children and family portraits into June and January isn’t even over yet!

So excited to meet all these new families!

One of the first questions I get is “What should we wear?”

Here’s the first of a few ideas on what to wear for your family portrait session.

This image from Lina Jarmond is one of my most popular repins on Pinterest,. I figured it was worth a share here, too.

What I love about this is how it doesn’t matter if your family portraits will be done in Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall – it offers color palette ideas for all seasons:

What to Wear from Lina J on Broomfield Family Photography by Natascha Lee StudiosDenver Colorado Family Portraits : Vibrant, Fun and Joyful!

Denver, Colorado Family Photography: Portrait Display Inspiration Guide for Hallways and Small Spaces- Natascha Lee Studios

I recently had a viewing session with a super fun family from Denver – I did their 3 generation family portraits (Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Dad and twin tween Brother/Sister) and the images are just amazing!

BTW, all my clients get a personalized preview/viewing session where I show you your lovely family portraits in person, and help you select your favorites for wall art and albums. It can be overwhelming to try to select your favorites, and it is very helpful to have an expert help guide you through the process.

Back to my family from Denver and their Fabulous Family Portraits – their challenge was limited wall space, and they found this tool (below) useful to visualize different combinations for prints for their hallways.

I don’t recommend these small sizes for large rooms, but they work well in hallways, offices, and other small wall spaces.

This concept can also work well for things other than portraits, such as your children’s art, your favorite calendar images, etc. Using the same frame will unify the overall theme, and the different sizes and orientations will give you variety.

And a big advantage of the shelf approach (lower right) is that you can easily swap out or rotate the images to keep it all fresh.

Denver Colorado Family Portraits - Print-Clusters-Blue-Couch-2014

Denver, Colorado Family Portrait Photographer: Outdoor, Vibrant, Fresh and Fun!