Denver Children’s Portraits

Denver Children’s Portraits

Just a quick posting today. As we leave behind the warm summer weather, and head into autumn, I am already missing summer.

So, just have to share one of my favorite Denver Children’s Portrait sessions, shot during summer:

Summer July 4th Concept Portrait Shoot for Children’s Photography by Natascha Lee Studios in Westminster, Colorado from N Lee on Vimeo.

You can see more Denver family portrait videos over on my video page.


Denver Baby Photography

Denver Baby Photography

It’s Denver Baby Photography week! (Ok, not really  – I made that up. But that last blog post of baby props really put me in the mood to share some of my favorite Denver baby photos – some with props, and some just pure newborn baby goodness!

(BTW, if you are looking to have newborn photos taken of your baby, I always recommend booking in your 6th month, about 3 months from your due date. We’ll put a date on the calendar approx 5 days after birth (but always before 10 days old!), and I’ll keep some flexibility in the weeks before and after, so make sure we can slide the date around to accommodate your actual delivery date. )

Denver Newborn baby with colorful knit hat - Baby Portraits

Denver Baby Photography - Gold Crown

A quick word on baby skin – newborn baby skin can be quite splotchy, dry, red, etc. I do a little skin smoothing, but I don’t want your baby to look like he or she is made of plastic. I prefer a more natural look – or perhaps we should call it a “slightly optimized” natural look. 😉

Denver Newborn Baby Photographer - Natural Photos

Denver Newborn Baby Photography by Natascha Lee Studios

Denver Natural Newborn Photos


Artistic Denver Baby Photography

May the 4th Be With You (What a difference a year makes)

May the 4th Be With You (What a difference a year makes)

I’m missing my “May the 4th” pal this year. We seem to have viewing sessions around May 4th each year.

But just had to share what a difference a year makes. Here is her lovely Denver child model daughter, Presley in her tutus! We love tutus!

These photos were taking almost exactly a year apart. PS – For our last “1 year apart” image, click here.

Denver Child Model with Tutu 1 year apart

I highly recommend annual photo sessions WITH your kids. It’s so fun to see how they grow from year to year.

As I tell all my client, friends, family (anyone who will listen, really) – investing in quality family portraits is one of the best choices you can make this year.

Long after the spontaneous Target or Costco shopping spree is spent (been there, done that), or the stylish purse, the on-trend shoes, the expertly applied streaky hair highlights (or purple hair tips) are gone, long after the fancy meals are eaten, the fine wine is drunk and forgotten, long after the pretty new couch looks worn and old – these images are what will last forever and bring you joy several generations.

BTW, to ready more about Presley, her mother, their journey in the modeling world, and what a child model headshot session is like with me, click here.

6 tips for Yoga Maternity Photos

6 tips for Yoga Maternity Photos

Yoga maternity photos combines two of my favorite types of photography. Here are 5 tips if you are into yoga (or dance), and considering Yoga or Dance maternity photos:

  1. Pick a photographer who has experience photographing both maternity and yoga or dance photos. They will understand best how to pose you. Bonus if they themselves are a former dancer or yoga teacher.
  2. Book your photographer for your 8th month of pregnancy, and plan to book about 3 months out – meaning, when you are 5 months pregnant. At about 8 months, you’ll have a big beautiful baby belly, but won’t be so far along that you may have to cancel because you are delivering!
  3. Discuss with your photographer the types of images you want. Indoor? Outdoor? Both? Posed? More natural and relaxed? Bare belly? How comfortable are you with moving and doing some yoga poses during the session?
  4. Bring a variety of clothing and accessories (like this super cool belt below).
  5. Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure the day before your shoot. Your nails will look great, and it will relax you.
  6. Have fun! This is a great treat you are giving yourself, and your future baby who will LOVE to see photos of themselves in Mommy’s belly.


Denver Yoga Maternity Photos

Denver Maternity Yoga Photographer

Adorable Props for Denver Baby Photography

Adorable Props for Denver Baby Photography

Here’s a little BTS (behind the scenes) peek at my ever-growing baby prop collection. I tend to do more natural / lifestyle baby images, and I esp like to make images that include parents. But, we will usually do at least one or two of the “posed” images, and parents have a huge collection to select from! Do you see the “lions and tigers and bears” in the upper right/ Or the hungry caterpillar in the lower left, near the owl? Of course we have all three major sports: football, soccer and basketball (sorry baseball – I don’t have you here, but we did use a father’s baseball glove once, and put his baby son in it!). There is also a lion, and Xmas props and even a sock monkey!

Here are the props, sans bebe:

Denver Baby PhotographerAnd here are some images using those props. Adorbs, right?

Denver Baby Photographer - Ladybug

Golden Baby Photographer

Boulder Baby Photography

Denver Baby Photography

Waterproof Cameras – should you get one?

Waterproof Cameras – should you get one?

Waterproof cameras – should you get one?

In my last post, I talked about getting a pocket camera to carry around in your pocket/purse to take family snapshots. I will admit that we have several of these “pocket cameras” sprinkled all over the house. That may be overkill for a non-professional photographer family, but it’s nice to have one handy when you need it!

And the whole “handy when you need it” concept it what I want to talk  about today.  Specifically, waterproof cameras.  I have found that you can get an affordable waterproof camera. Let’s call “affordable” in the $150 – $300 range. But then the quality of the photos is lower than in a similarly-priced regular camera. That is, unless you go up in price to the $250 – $450 range to get a similar quality level of images with the waterproof feature. You can also get a waterproof housing for many of the cameras….for about $200.   Those are great b/c they are usually waterproof to about 100 feet which means you can dive with them. Still, waterproof housings can be a pain to use. So, if you will use your camera in lots of wet but not deep water situations (kid’s swimming, beach trip, soccer games in the rain, etc), then go ahead an consider getting a waterproof one. They are also often more rugged and can handle a few falls.

I use this one, because I wanted something very rugged….but I would probably pick something different next time. Something with better image quality – like this one by Nikon.   As a loyal Cannon shooter (you should see how many Canon cameras I have bought over the years), I feel disloyal recommending a Nikon – but I think their waterproof cameras seem better.

That said, I did make this image below with my current waterproof camera. And if I didn’t have a waterproof camera with me that day, I would not have had any camera with me at all – as I was in the pool at the time that I saw this great scene and just HAD to capture it. There is a saying, “The best camera is the one you have with you.”
Pool Image by Natascha Lee Studios