Modeling Photos for Denver Teen Models and Denver Cheer

Modeling Photos for Denver Teen Models and Denver Cheer

Here is a recent BTS (behind the scenes) photo taken during a teen model photos session.  Mom is so cute and stylish! And she is holding the reflector for when her daughter turns around and faces the other way (not for this particular shot.)

This was a super fun session we did Sunday afternoon @ my studio.  Her daughter is into competitive cheer and is, as you can see, crazy flexible.  They brought tons of cute clothes and we had a blast picking our favorite 3 outfits for the modeling session.

If you are looking for a great gift to give your teenage daughter, give her a modeling photos session! Even if she doesn’t want to pursue modeling, it will be an amazing experience and she’ll have some fab photos to share on IG or Snapchat. Plus, you’ll have great photos that celebrate who she is today, in all her lovely teenage glory.

Many of my Denver child and teen modeling clients have not done this before, and I provide plenty of tips on how to prepare, what to bring, clothing advice, etc.

Most importantly, your teenage will feel on cloud 9 after the experience. B/c it’s always about the journey as well as the destination, right? So the actual session is a blast, and then you get photos that Wow you in the end. Win/win! 😉

BTW, this gal’s mom was super smart – she was close by, but she never made suggestions on what her daughter should do during the shoot. That’s a tip I share with parents – teenagers are their own person, and they would rather not have their parents directing them during the shoot. (That’s what I’m there for!)  Even when you are picking out clothes, bring some outfits that you like and some that they like. You’ll end up with a great mix of photos that you love, and also photos that reflect their true personality.

Denver Teen Modeling Photogrpahy - Flexible Dancer GirlDenver Teen Model and Cheer Photographer

Denver Dance Kid Dynamo – Dancer and Modeling Portfolio Shots by Natascha Lee Studios

Denver Dance Kid Dynamo – Dancer and Modeling Portfolio Shots by Natascha Lee Studios

Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing Presley’s modeling portfolio images @ my studio just North of Downtown Denver. It’s a real honor to photograph these wonderful children’s modeling portfolio images, and I enjoy making sure each image celebrates not only their external beauty, but even more importantly that it highlights their unique personality and their internal beauty.  Quite a few of my clients are involved in dance, ice skating or gymnastics.

Presley is a dear, so full of external and internal beauty! She currently dances with Starstruck Academy of Dance. She was most recently in the ShowBiz Entertainment dance competition, where she won; 1st in her age division, solo “High Point Title” winner, as well as being named “Ms. ShowBiz”. Congrats Presley! She is also an incredible student, with straight “A’s” even though she dances 5 days a week.

What a little star!

Denver Dance Kid and Model Portfolio Photography

Denver Dance Kid and Dance Mom Photographer

BTS: A little BTS – Behind-The-Scenes story about her pose on the right. As background, I often actually get into the pose I want someone else do, as it’s the quickest way to convey the idea.  I was trying to show Presley how I wanted her to keep her shoulders back she got in the pose. So I grabbed my own foot and got into the pose to show her. Not knowing that I am a former ballet dancer myself, she was quite shocked and as I grabbed my foot and started moving above my head, right there in the middle of the sidewalk – she initially reached out to help me, like she was worried I was falling over.  Then, once I got into the pose (very briefly), she smiled and understood. Still, there was a moment there where she really didn’t know what the heck her crazy photographer was doing and was trying to be helpful. Such a sweetie!

Denver Gymnastics Girl Portraits – by Natascha Lee Studios

Denver Gymnastics Girl Portraits – by Natascha Lee Studios

Is your daughter or son into gymnastics in Denver (or anywhere in the Metro Denver area)?  Are you looking for professional portraits that capture their unique personality?

If so, the portrait below is a great example of a gymnstast or dancer portrait, outside of the gymnastics studio.

Look how her beauty and confidence shine through!

Even if your kiddo is a bit shy or nervous, I am a pro at getting folks to feel comfortable.

Here’s what this gal’s mom had to say about our portrait session:

Meghan kept telling me how nice you are and how much she likes you. Thanks for making her experience so fun!
-Tara, Meghan’s mom

Gymnastics Girl Portraits - Natascha Lee Studios IMG_6627-eal-sfw

Denver Portraits for Gymnastics and Dance Moms


Denver Yoga Model Call – Natascha Lee Studios

Denver Yoga Model Call – Natascha Lee Studios

Model Call: Are you a yoga teacher or yogini in Denver or Boulder Colorado (or anywhere in between)?  If so,  would you like some *amazing images* of yourself doing some cool yoga poses in a fabulous light filled studio  (like the dancer below, or the image from yesterday’s Denver dancer post)

Specifically looking for a Denver or Boulder yogini (female yoga teacher / yoga practitioner) for a photo shoot in March in Denver. Age range 21 – 101, very fit and flexible, and with a unique look – could be short spiky hair, or long purple hair, or dreads, or lots of tattoos, or even just a peaceful beauty that shines through their eyes!

If interested, pls email two recent photos (one face, and one full body) to: YogaModelCall @   (spaces added to email to make it a bit more difficult on the spam bots! Boo spam bots!)


Denver and Boulder Yoga Model Call - Natascha Lee Studios IMG_7485-eal-sfw - Denver DancerNatascha-Lee-Studios-IMG_7485-eal-sfw-2

Denver Dance and Yoga Photographer