Denver Children’s Portraits

Denver Children’s Portraits

Just a quick posting today. As we leave behind the warm summer weather, and head into autumn, I am already missing summer.

So, just have to share one of my favorite Denver Children’s Portrait sessions, shot during summer:

Summer July 4th Concept Portrait Shoot for Children’s Photography by Natascha Lee Studios in Westminster, Colorado from N Lee on Vimeo.

You can see more Denver family portrait videos over on my video page.


Happy 4th of July 2016 – (Flag Series Portraits – Children’s Patriotic Photography)

Happy 4th of July 2016 – (Flag Series Portraits – Children’s Patriotic Photography)

Happy 4th of July Everyone! Enjoy this fun US Flag, Patriotic Portrait Series I created featuring adorable local Denver child models.

I hope you and your family get to enjoy the day – participate in an old-fashioned parade, eat snow cones, be with friends and family, and watch fireworks!

Happy Independence Day 2016!

Happy Independence Day America from natascha lee studios - 4th of july Flag Series Portraits , Denver Kid's Photography

Denver Kid’s Photography



Fine Children’s Portraiture: Adorable Toddler Boy in Farmer’s Overalls (Denver Children’s Photographer)

Fine Children’s Portraiture: Adorable Toddler Boy in Farmer’s Overalls (Denver Children’s Photographer)

Denver Portrait photographers have two favorite things we do at the start of the new year. The 1st one is to assemble our favorite photos from that last year; I like do to mine in video form. (click here to see my “Best of 2015” Video.)

The start of the year is also a great time for us professional photographers to catch up on portrait sessions that we never got around to sharing on social media. Esp at the end of the (previous) year, it’s such a busy time that our top priority is delivering portraits to clients, and our blogs/facebook/IG feed/etc tend to get neglected. But now that it’s a new year, I’m happy to finally get to share some images that have been waiting on my computer for a while now.

This little boy is beyond adorable! We did the shoot @ a local farm, and he was dressed oh-so-right (which did not surprise me since his Mamma is very stylish). I photographed him when he was 3 months old, when he was almost 2, when he was almost 3, and he has a newborn little brother that I will be photographing very soon! I have photographed him so many times that when he saw me drive into the parking lot of this local farm, he started saying “smile! smile!” (For the record, I don’t ask kids to smile, as I want authentic emotion, and they rarely give real smiles on command, but I think “smile” the word he most associated with seeing cameras come out so it’s what came to mind.  And yes, that is an impressively long run on sentence – if you have met me in person, you  know that I often talk that exact way. )

Denver Children's Photography - Little boy @ Farm by Natascha Lee Studios

Denver Children’s Portraits, Denver Portrait Photographer

Highlands Ranch Teen Girl – Dancer Portraits Video

Highlands Ranch Teen Girl – Dancer Portraits Video

Here’s a video from a lovely concept portrait session with tween Caroline from Highlands Ranch. She is an athlete, but more of a swimmer than a dancer.  We still chose to do a dance-themed custom portrait session and had so much fun with the tutus. She loved dressing up! And her mother LOVES these photos.

Parents often have professional photos done of babies, young children, and  Highschool Seniors.  But how about a custom photo session for your Tween or Teen? Something that celebrates who they are right now.

That’s what we did for Caroline, 11 years old. And here is what she and her mother Kristin had to say about the experience (Caroline) and the resulting portraits (Kristin):

“Miss Natascha was so cool. When I worked with her she made me feel pretty. The photoshoot made me feel confident and more brave.”

Caroline, 11 years old in Littleton, Colorado

“Capturing the essence of a child’s personality is a special skill. Natascha’s photography does that but more: she photographs in a truly artistic way. She involves the natural and man-made elements in her surroundings so that every shot is unique. You don’t look at one of her photographs the same way twice.”

Kristin Lamendola, Littleton, Colorado

Highlands Ranch Dance Girl Photo Shoot Natascha Lee Studios from N Lee on Vimeo.


Back-to-School Blackboard Mini-Sessions for Denver School Kids

Back-to-School Blackboard Mini-Sessions for Denver School Kids

Blackboard Personalized Back to school mini sessions denver school kids

I’m so excited to announce my 2015 Back to School Blackboard Mini Sessions.

Saturday, Aug 29th, 9 am – 11 am, only 10 slots available

Bring your kiddo (ages 3 – 18 – sorry, this one is just for the kiddos ) with their favorite new school outfit.  Or any outfit they love.  They can even bring a favorite stuffed toy, sports equipment, etc.

Personalize the experience and your child’s photo by writing a few key things about your kiddo as they are now!  (Remember my last blog post where I talked about how children love to personalize the photos with something that is special and meaningful to them? Well, that’s what these sessions are about!  That list on the left, above Kacey, are all the things that are important to her, or things that describe her as she is now…..You get to come up with the word list along with your child. Or, we can just use a plain blackboard background and have them hold their favorite toy/sports equipment/etc.)

End up with a WOW portrait of your child to cherish forever, capturing what they are like today, at the start of the 2015-2016 school year.

2 packages available:

Package One: 4 poses to select from,  1 digital file printable up to 8 x 10 and a 5 x 7 print of your favorite pose

Package Two – Everything in package 1, plus a second indoor shooting location, and a digital file printable to 8 x 10 plus an 8 x 10  print of your two favorite poses

BTW, as a special appreciation gift to my clients, If I have done a regular family session for you in the last 12 months, package One is FREE for you!

Only 10 slots available: contact  “” for pricing and to book.

Behind the Scenes at a Denver Photoshoot for Child Models

Behind the Scenes at a Denver Photoshoot for Child Models

Behind the Scenes at a Denver Photoshoot for Child Models

Happy Tuesday! I had an exciting weekend with several photo shoots – corporate headshots for a local Cherry Creek Bank, a slew of models, and a family session – 15 people in all! While I don’t have images (sneek peaks) ready for those yet, I do want to share  another  behind the scenes (“bts”) image from a recent Denver Photoshoot for Child Models  (click here to see my last “bts” image, of a sweet little baby out in a nature setting).

You’ll see from the “bts” image above that we are actually in an urban setting, but using the foliage and a DOF (depth of field) setting that blurs the background, we put all the focus on her lovely face.

This gal is a local Denver child model, and this was her first photo shoot (as a model). She was such a natural! And her mom was super nice, too.

Check out that headband! Looks like something you can find on, doesn’t it?

Denver Headshots for Child Models