Community Spotlight #8: Bosom Buddies (Brought to you by Natascha Lee Studios)

Community Spotlight #8: Bosom Buddies (Brought to you by Natascha Lee Studios)

Hello! Brittany here. I’m excited about our 8th Community Spotlight installment.

Here at Natascha Lee Studios, we love small, locally-owned stores that serve mothers. Especially because we focus (pun intended!) on maternity, newborn baby and children/family portraits!

This week we feature Bosom Buddies! A great small business and resource for expecting and new moms as well as women in general! While mainly focused on assisting and providing services for breast-feeding moms, Bosom Buddies has something for every woman. To learn a little more we spoke with co-owner, Sue Petracek.

Sue and her husband bought bosom Buddies in June of 1994 – At that time it was solely for pump rentals. Now, when you walk into one of Bosom Buddies locations you will be amazed at the variety of products: from lotions to bras, and of course (sticking to their roots), breast pumps and every accessory to go with them that a mother could want!


How did you decide to buy Bosom Buddies and become a lactation consultant?

 Having my eldest daughter in the early 70’s my husband and I were drawn to breastfeeding. – at this time breastfeeding initiation rates were at an all time low and it was seen as a very counter-cultural ‘hippy’ thing to do, although we were not. Throughout the years we had owned other businesses and have done other things but this opportunity arose in 1994 and I saw it as a perfect venture to combine something that I had been very passionate about and the business experience I had accumulated over the years.

Bosom Buddies has two certified lactation consultants, Sue and her daughter Robyn who provide lactation consulting for mothers and babies who have questions or who are having problems. In addition Bosom Buddies also offers classes in basic breastfeeding, breastfeeding multiples, returning to work while breastfeeding and a recently added breast pumping class.

You do offer more than breast-feeding pumps and accessories?  Can you tell me about those?

One product that we offer is sports bras for mothers who are nursing. Typical bras that have a S/M/L squish approach do not provide the support that is needed for breast with milk. Bosom buddies found that the sports bras that work best are those with band size and cup support. This is what we now carry and our sports bras now range in sizes and can be found up to a 48J.


Bosom Buddies services do not end when you stop breastfeeding they provide non-nursing bras in a wide variety of sizes. Bosom buddies associates are certified to measure you to help you purchase a quality bra that fits your body.

What is your mission at Bosom Buddies?

Providing good quality, helpful products to allow women to feel better about themselves while also being able to feel empowered in their abilities as women.

Feeling nervous about buying a nursing bra? Be assured that most the bras at Bosom Buddies are tested by a focus group of mothers before they hit the shelves to assure that they fit and are comfortable and practical.

What does Bosom Buddies do in the community?

Bosom Buddies is a strong supporter and referrer of the Mothers Milk Bank in Colorado. This wonderful organization collects, processes and dispenses human milk for babies who cannot receive milk from their mothers for various reasons. Often this can mean the difference between life and death for premature babies.

What a wonderful store. Thank you, Sue, for chatting with us.

Interested in learning more about Bosom Buddies?

Bosom Buddies has two locations – stop in!

Bosom Buddies – South Store

8331-C Willow Street – Lone Tree, CO 80124

Bosom Buddies – North Store

5684 W 88th Avenue – Westminster, CO 80031

Reach them online – You can also order off their website or on Facebook !!

Highland Denver Baby Photography – Handsome Newborn with Daddy – Natascha Lee Studios

Highland Denver Baby Photography – Handsome Newborn with Daddy – Natascha Lee Studios

My wonderful portrait clients know: In addition to lots of all-family poses,  and adorable, artistic photography of baby/kiddos by themselves,  I’m a big fan of doing at least one portrait of each parent with their child(ren).  I aim to honor and celebrate your unique family love and connection through fine portraiture. And part of capturing the unique connection between each member of the family includes portraits of each parent and individual child. This is also why like to take at least one portrait of just the two parents, alone (together. 😉 .) To honor that connection which existed before children entered the picture. (pun intended!)

Speaking of parent + child portraits, here is the sweetest photo of a Daddy with his beautiful baby boy. Check out those wonderful blue eyes!

This couple was a joy to work with – they came so well prepared (yes, PLEASE review and follow your photographer’s preparation tips – it will really pay off in the end!) and were so engaged and helpful during the session. It doesn’t hurt that they happened to have the most mellow, easygoing and handsome baby ever!!!!!

BTW, Baby M does have his father’s lovely smile….he is just exercising his right to be selective about when he flashes it. 😉 Plus I think he knows how precious his “calm and thoughtful” expression is.

Highland Baby Photography Natascha Lee StudiosHighland Baby and Family Photographer

Westminster, Colorado: Sweet Sleeping Boy Girl Twin Babies (Infant and Newborn Portraits) – Natascha Lee Studios

Westminster, Colorado: Sweet Sleeping Boy Girl Twin Babies (Infant and Newborn Portraits) – Natascha Lee Studios

Yay! Spring in Westminster and Broomfield: tuplips and daffodils are up! Trees are budding out. The sun hangs around a little longer each day. Brightly colored patio furniture in all the stores. Lettuce are snap peas are planted.  And our Spring Flower Sessions (great idea for family portraits) are under way.  I love meeting new portrait client families as well as seeing clients come back year after year for annual family portraits.

What a happy day!

Speaking of happy day, it was made even better by this lovely testimonial from a recent newborn portrait client. Can you even believe how beautiful, lovely and handsome their newborn girl/boy twins are?

“My husband and I were thrilled to bring our tiny twins to have Natascha do our newborn photos. We had given her a few ideas /preferences but were most pleased with how she just let her creativity flow! She captured the personality of our two little ones so perfectly and I am forever grateful for the memories and beautiful pieces of art I will always have to look back on. She also really knew how to work with new mommies and daddies and had the needed patience to get great pics of newborns with their own agendas!! Thanks a million Natascha!”

-Nicole and Corey, Westminster, Colorado


Westminster Colorado Newborn Infant Baby Photography - Natascha Lee Studios - IMG_2487_ l 2

Westminster, Colorado Newborn Baby and Family Photographer

Cherry Creek, Colorado Newborn Portraits – Santa Baby by Natascha Lee Studios

Still catching up blogging baby and family portraits from previous photography sessions:

Here’s one of my favorite Personality Plus Baby Portraits!

Cherry Creek, Colorado Newborn Portraits - Santa Baby by Natascha Lee Studios

Cherry Creek Baby Photography

Westminster – Canvas Clusters Samples (Twins!) – By Natascha Lee Studios

Westminster – Canvas Clusters Samples (Twins!) – By Natascha Lee Studios

 Here is a sample of our one of our 2014 Canvas Clusters: “Stretch” fits nicely over a long couch.

Canvas Clusters are wall art for your home, made from your custom family portraits:

Canvas Clusters - Newborn twin photography in Westminster, ColoradoWestminster & Broomfield Baby Photography