Modeling Photos for Denver Teen Models and Denver Cheer

Modeling Photos for Denver Teen Models and Denver Cheer

Here is a recent BTS (behind the scenes) photo taken during a teen model photos session.  Mom is so cute and stylish! And she is holding the reflector for when her daughter turns around and faces the other way (not for this particular shot.)

This was a super fun session we did Sunday afternoon @ my studio.  Her daughter is into competitive cheer and is, as you can see, crazy flexible.  They brought tons of cute clothes and we had a blast picking our favorite 3 outfits for the modeling session.

If you are looking for a great gift to give your teenage daughter, give her a modeling photos session! Even if she doesn’t want to pursue modeling, it will be an amazing experience and she’ll have some fab photos to share on IG or Snapchat. Plus, you’ll have great photos that celebrate who she is today, in all her lovely teenage glory.

Many of my Denver child and teen modeling clients have not done this before, and I provide plenty of tips on how to prepare, what to bring, clothing advice, etc.

Most importantly, your teenage will feel on cloud 9 after the experience. B/c it’s always about the journey as well as the destination, right? So the actual session is a blast, and then you get photos that Wow you in the end. Win/win! 😉

BTW, this gal’s mom was super smart – she was close by, but she never made suggestions on what her daughter should do during the shoot. That’s a tip I share with parents – teenagers are their own person, and they would rather not have their parents directing them during the shoot. (That’s what I’m there for!)  Even when you are picking out clothes, bring some outfits that you like and some that they like. You’ll end up with a great mix of photos that you love, and also photos that reflect their true personality.

Denver Teen Modeling Photogrpahy - Flexible Dancer GirlDenver Teen Model and Cheer Photographer

Adorable Props for Denver Baby Photography

Adorable Props for Denver Baby Photography

Here’s a little BTS (behind the scenes) peek at my ever-growing baby prop collection. I tend to do more natural / lifestyle baby images, and I esp like to make images that include parents. But, we will usually do at least one or two of the “posed” images, and parents have a huge collection to select from! Do you see the “lions and tigers and bears” in the upper right/ Or the hungry caterpillar in the lower left, near the owl? Of course we have all three major sports: football, soccer and basketball (sorry baseball – I don’t have you here, but we did use a father’s baseball glove once, and put his baby son in it!). There is also a lion, and Xmas props and even a sock monkey!

Here are the props, sans bebe:

Denver Baby PhotographerAnd here are some images using those props. Adorbs, right?

Denver Baby Photographer - Ladybug

Golden Baby Photographer

Boulder Baby Photography

Denver Baby Photography

BTS (Behind the Scenes) @ Natascha Lee Studios – Promo Video

BTS (Behind the Scenes) @ Natascha Lee Studios – Promo Video

If you follow me on FB or IG, you’ll see frequent BTS (behind the scenes) shots from my Denver Photography sessions – esp those fun selfies with my fab clients. I don’t usually post the BTS images on my blog, as I try to stick to more finished portraits for here. However, this was so fun I just have to share. Here is a BTS image of me during a promo video we are working on. I had such a blast!

Dever portrait photographer

Denver Portrait Photographer

Spring Baby and Family Portraits for Denver Highlands Families  | Natascha Lee Studios

Spring Baby and Family Portraits for Denver Highlands Families | Natascha Lee Studios

Hello my Broomfield, Boulder and Denver families. Lots of sunshine today, great day to get outside for that bike ride.

(BTW, in you live North of Denver (like Broomfield, Westminster, Lafayette, Louisville, Northglenn) , check out my “Park Guide” for suggestions on fun new parks to visit with your kiddos.)

How long has it been since you got family portraits done? If it’s been more than a year, and esp. if it’s been more than two, you are due! Your kiddos change so much from year to year! Let’s capture your family’s unique personality and love for each other.

 Spring is a great time for Family Photography. The grass has greened up, the leaves are budding out, but there is still enough bare branches to provide a stunning contrast to you and your family. For a great example, see the video below.

This video below is a sample of “Premium” Family Portraits, which include some behind-the-scenes video as well as still portraiture. “Still” images (photographs) are beautiful, and it’s also fun to have video mixed in to give a richer, deeper experience and memory.

Denver Family Portraits – Spring – Premium Family Photography by Natascha Lee Studios from N Lee on Vimeo.

Denver Highlands Children’s Portrait Photography

Looking for more video samples of portrait sessions? Check them all out on my video page.



Just a quick shout-out to my amazing, energetic, fabulous-with-kids, brilliant photo assistant Christina. She was priceless on Sat when we had 5 straight hours of marathon model sessions – most them outside in that cold Denver snow!

Added bonus of working with me? You just might run into insanely handsome and nice men (like Tasos) from your favorite reality TV show The Bachelor! Even I was swooning!

BTW,  if you need an outstanding DJ, this is how to reach him.

Natascha Lee Studios Christina-and-Tasos the bachelor-sfw

Denver Child Model Photographer

Denver Baby Photography – Holiday Portrait Sessions – “Behind the Scenes” with Natascha Lee Studios

Denver Baby Photography – Holiday Portrait Sessions – “Behind the Scenes” with Natascha Lee Studios

A word of advice for my fellow Denver parents – get your grocery shopping done today! Tomorrow and Wed are going to be crazy crazy @ the grocery stores.

I went yesterday during the Denver Broncos game (yay Peyton! 39-36 over Miami), which is usually a quiet time to go, but it was packed!

Ok, my PSA for Denver parents is done, and now on to my posting:

I love this detail/behind the scenes shot from my recent Holiday Mini Sessions for kids.

That’s me in the center, reflected in the holiday ornament.

Any of my fellow photogs laugh when they happen to catch a photo or a reflection of what they look like while shooting? I am always amazed at how much I bend down, lean over, etc. No wonder my back hurts after a few hours. Esp if I’m using Thor (my 2.8 70-200)

Anyway, I just love all the sparkly silver in this scene! One of my very favorite clients commented over on my FB page that this will be a fun photo to look back on once I have retired.

I responded, “Didn’t you know? Photographers never retire, they just loose their focus.” 😉

Denver Baby Photography Natascha Lee Studios IMG_6991-ornament-detail-bts-eal-sfw

Denver Family Photography