Best Unsung Beaches – Bandon, OR (photo by Natascha Lee Studios)

Best Unsung Beaches – Bandon, OR (photo by Natascha Lee Studios)

Bandon Oregon Sunset's Best Beach Towns by Natascha Lee Studios

I love Sunset Magazine’s…well, I was going to say I love their travel articles but actually I love many things about that magazine.  I just saw their article on “14 Best Unsung Beach Towns” and something about the cover photo resonated with me.

Actually, the entire topic is one I am drawn to – small, outt-of-the-way, as-yet undiscovered towns……

Well, I kept thinking I had seen that cover photo location in person. So,  I went back to last year’s photos and it turns out that during our Highway 101 Road trip I stayed in, and photographed their #1 town – Bandon, Oregon.

Above is one of the images I took during sunset, with some painterly magic done to it.

BTW, speaking of magic – that’s a 5″ wide puddle in front of me, reflecting the 50+ foot tall rock in the ocean. I was laying on wet sand, lining my camera just in front of this puddle to get this shot. I didn’t mind getting covered in wet sand; I just wanted to keep Josephine safe from it. The rock reflection is particularly dark in the little puddle as that’s pure water, and then it is lighter beyond since that’s just wet sand which is slightly less reflective.

Here is what Sunset Magazine says about Bandon (their words, not mine):

As any upstanding Oregonian knows, the real old school Oregon coast lies down south, in quintessential Oregon beach towns like Bandon. You expect festivity: seaside carnival barkers, maybe a roller coaster. But actually … nothing is happening in Bandon. Tourists schlump down the street sipping coffee at the mouth of the Coquille River, at the town’s edge. Seagulls squawk on the Boardwalk, and a few sprightly old ladies sample the gratis cranberry candies at the Chamber of Commerce. The world slows down, and you notice things. Like the vibrant green algae growing on the rocks in the tidal flats south of town. Stroll out toward those rocks and look down, for Bandon’s best beachcombing is here. Bandon’s beaches can seem otherworldly, like a backdrop to a Maurice Sendak story. Stairs lead you down to the sand. Here is a little cave that someone has turned into a lean-to, lining thin driftwood logs across the front. Here is a curlicue tree limb, twisted in the surf like a giant elk antler. And here is a 40-foot-long tree trunk, bark and all, that will be swallowed up by the waves. Looming above everything are massive rocks that wade, humanlike, in the water. –Sunset Magazine on Bandon, OR, from “Top 14 Unsung Beach Towns”

So, if you haven’t visited this adorable and photogenic town, I agree with Sunset and I recommend it!


6 tips for Yoga Maternity Photos

6 tips for Yoga Maternity Photos

Yoga maternity photos combines two of my favorite types of photography. Here are 5 tips if you are into yoga (or dance), and considering Yoga or Dance maternity photos:

  1. Pick a photographer who has experience photographing both maternity and yoga or dance photos. They will understand best how to pose you. Bonus if they themselves are a former dancer or yoga teacher.
  2. Book your photographer for your 8th month of pregnancy, and plan to book about 3 months out – meaning, when you are 5 months pregnant. At about 8 months, you’ll have a big beautiful baby belly, but won’t be so far along that you may have to cancel because you are delivering!
  3. Discuss with your photographer the types of images you want. Indoor? Outdoor? Both? Posed? More natural and relaxed? Bare belly? How comfortable are you with moving and doing some yoga poses during the session?
  4. Bring a variety of clothing and accessories (like this super cool belt below).
  5. Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure the day before your shoot. Your nails will look great, and it will relax you.
  6. Have fun! This is a great treat you are giving yourself, and your future baby who will LOVE to see photos of themselves in Mommy’s belly.


Denver Yoga Maternity Photos

Denver Maternity Yoga Photographer

Denver Spring Photo Art (Carrots, Boulder Farmer’s Market and the Denver Botanic Gardens)

Denver Spring Photo Art (Carrots, Boulder Farmer’s Market and the Denver Botanic Gardens)

This warm weather we are having in Denver has me thinking of spring. And for my fellow gardeners, in just two weeks it will be time to plant sweet peas! (St Pat’s day is a great day to do it!)

So, today I’m sharing a few of my favorite photo art images. Specifically ones from spring.

The first one is of carrots from my garden, in a pottery bowl I made  photogrpahed on an old farm table my husband refinished. (If we ever meet in person, remind me to tell you the story of my carrots, my kids and my planned/thwarted autumn photoshoot!)

The second is from the Boulder Farmer’s Market.

And the last one is from the Denver Botanic Gardens!







Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Wow, 2017. Super exciting, right? Like most folks, I love this time of year for Reflections and Goal Setting. Ah, the brand-new freshness of it all. Anything is possible!

BTW, here’s a great video on goal setting from the great Marie Forelo. “Purge and Prune, baby!”

So, I have this great backlog of wonderful stuff I’ve been wanting to share…but just not getting around to it for much of last year. (Which really means I wasn’t making it a priority, right? And that’s actually true. I was playing around with Instagram a lot last year. I’m still there, but I miss the depth and richness of longer-form info like blog posting. Sure, I love to scroll through my IG feed while waiting somewhere – same with my Pinterest boards.   But the online content that holds my attention and gives me things to think about – well, that’s usually videos or blog postings – like the one above from Marie.)

With the fun, family and friends-soaked holidays behind us, and the colder weather here now, I’ll have less distractions, plus, I’ll be inside staying warm a bit more! Perfect opportunity to share more of my work on my blog, as well as more tips for anyone interested in family photography. If you are client and see me finally share a shoot from a few months (or more) ago, I’m sorry it took me a while to blog it. Pls know that I def love it – that’s why I’m sharing it. (albeit a bit late)

Now, there is def a downside to investing time in writing blogs – and that’s the lack of feedback. It can feel like talking into a void. Esp. b/c most people don’t do blog comments anymore, and a “conversation” is so much easier on IG, FB, etc.  If you read this blog and like it, or have questions, or just want to share your ideas with me – I would love to hear from you. Here are some ways:

My Contact Form  — My IG FeedMy FB PageSubscribe to this blog – Join my VERY occasional email list – email

Thanks and Happy New Year! I’ll leave you with one of my favorite recent art photos – from a trip along the California Coast last year, taken at sunset.

California Coast at Sunset

Denver Family Photographer

Earth Day – Earth Mother – Cherry Creek Photography

Earth Day – Earth Mother – Cherry Creek Photography

Happy Earth Day! This #EarthMother image is one I commissioned as a gift for a super fun portrait client from Cherry Creek! I did modeling headshots/ portfolios for both of her beautiful daughters. When I interviewed them, she said if she could have any superpower, it would be EarthMother, so I had an EarthMother drawn for her.

BTW, the insanely talented artist who did this is Electra from Italy. I am so lucky to be able to work with people like her. Every time I get a piece of art from her, it makes me smile all day. Do you have anyone like that you work with? Every time they deliver their creativity to you, it delights you so much that you smile all day?

Earth Day Mother Earth - Cherry Creek Family Portraits by Natascha Lee Studios

Cherry Creek Children’s and Family Photographer