How Much Fun Do We Have? Broomfield Family Photography – More “Behind the Scenes” with Natascha Lee Studios

Exactly how much fun do we have with Family Portraits?

Exactly how silly do kids find me?

How stinkin’ cute are my clients’ kids?

This much:

Broomfield Family Portraits - sisters - Fall - Children's fine Portraiture - Silly - Fun

Broomfield Newborn, Children and Family Photography

Boulder Headshots – Artistic Black & White by Natascha Lee Studios

Broomfield Headshots - Artistic Images in Black and White by Natascha Lee Studios

Boulder Headshots for Executives, Artists, and Professional Performers

Broomfield Family Portraits – Behind the scenes with Natascha Lee Studios

Glorious fall is here in Broomfield, the busiest time for family portraits. And, IMHO the most beautiful.

I’ve been quite busy, sometimes even doing multiple sessions in one day. I LOVE it! Love meeting all these wonderful new families, love photographing families I have photographed in years past.

Since I mostly shoot outdoors, you never know what will happen.  This Broomfield family brought their very sweet but hyper dog. I love including pets in family portraits, because they are, after all, part of the family. However, it’s important to bring a handler for your pets, someone who is NOT actually in the portrait.

Since this was a “just the kids” shoot, Mom was the dog handler. And everything would have  been fine…except for this cat….

This spunky little black cat would NOT leave us alone. We were in a local open space in North Broomfield, and this black cat followed us everywhere! We kept trying to move to different areas, but it followed…. drove the poor dog crazy!

And then, the kitty also drove the Mommy crazy b/c her daughters desperately wanted to take the kitty home. (Honestly, we did try to catch it but it was too skittish to let us.)

With winter coming, I hope someone owns/feeds this skinny little young kitty.

Anyway, we decided to call her Halloween, since it’s so close to Halloween and the kitty is black.

Here is Halloween’s first professional portrait:

Broomfield Family Photography - Black Cat Halloween

Broomfield Newborn, Children and Family Photography

Broomfield Family Photography – Fall Portraits – 1 Year Ago (Natascha Lee Studios)

Thinking back to one year ago today and these stunning family Fall Portraits:

Broomfield Baby and Family Photography - Fall Portraits
  Broomfield Family Photography – Fall Portraits

Unique Holiday and Client Gift Idea: Kiva – Microlending to help people help themselves

Are you looking for a creative, unique and giving-type of gift for this holiday season?

Maybe you want to send your clients something beyond a fruit basket?

Or looking to teach your kids about giving back, along with some geography, small business principles and/or understanding how different people live?

Meet Kiva! Microlending for people in developing countries, people who are working to help themselves out of poverty – to make their lives and their kids’ lives better.


I’ve been an enthusiast lender on for a while.  (Click here to see the loans I’ve done.) I often do the loans along with my children, and they help me select which loans to fund.

It’s a thrill to know you are helping someone else, halfway around the world!

Here’s a great, short video to explain how Kiva works:

BTW, Kiva has Charity Navigator’s Highest Award.

If you do a loan on Kiva, or give a gift card – drop me a line and let me know!



Broomfield Family Photography – Red Rocks (by Natascha Lee Studios in Broomfield, Colorado)

Broomfield trees are turning colors, the weather getting colder, and the days are getting shorter.

Yay! Fall is here! Fall Family Portraits are the best!

And I’m having a blast photographing the most wonderful families.

This time of the year, we don’t have much time for posting sneak peeks, but I just had to share this one.

You know when your child makes you laugh so hard that you smile goes from ear to ear and your eyes shut with joy?

Yea – like that.  ;-)

Which do you prefer – Black and White or Color, and why? (Vote/comment on FB, if you like.)

I usually prefer color, esp for the majesty of Red Rocks.

But in this case, something about the black and white focuses our eyes on their wonderful expressions. And the mothers beautiful face in that joyous smile.

Of course, you already know about about her beauty from her image in my mermaid series:

Broomfield Family Photography Natascha Lee Studios IMG_4099- bwl-sfw Broomfield Family Photography Natascha Lee Studios IMG_4099-el-sfw

Here they are side-by-side, if that makes it easier to compare:

Broomfield Family Photography Red Rocks Portraits

Broomfield Family Photographer

Broomfield Baby and Newborn Photography – Baby Toes (Natascha Lee Studios)

Broomfield Baby Photography - Newborn and Family Portraits

Broomfield Baby Photography

Broomfield Family Photographer – Photos in the Rain!

I did a children’s portrait session tonight in the overcast, cold, rain, at a local Broomfield park.  It was a blast. One person over me holding an umbrella over me/my camera (I told them the top prioirty was to make sure my camera as covered, not me!)  and another person 5 feet away holding an umbrella over my off camera flash. I can’t share the images b/c they are for a not-for-profit that works with children, but I can say that I’m so happy to be able to share my talents this way.
And so I’ll share a photo of myself, taking a break during the shoot.
Broomfield Family Photography in the Rain and Nature


Broomfield Newborn Baby Photography – Behind the Scenes (Natascha Lee Studios)

It’s fall in Broomfield, and the temperatures are getting a bit chilly!

I just came across this behind the scenes image from a newborn session. I love photographing newborns!

You’ll see that we are using natural light from that big window, and that Mamma is right there with her hands on baby Z!

Boulder Baby Photography -Newborns, Infants - Natascha Lee Studios - IMG_4878

Here’s what the final image looks like:

Natascha Lee Studios - Newborn Infant Baby Photography for Broomfield Colorado


Dancers, Dreamers and Make Believers : Photo show (Broomfield Family Photography)

I had so much fun @ my photo show last night.

Thank you to all my models, friends and clients (many of whom are both friends and clients) who helped me celebrate my

Dancers, Dreamers and Make Believers  Series last night.

Broomfield Family Photography - Photo Show - Dancers Dreamers Make Believers by Natascha Lee Studios

Here are some snapshots (behind the scenes) of the event, I’m sharing them here for those who couldn’t make it:

 We used this fun little Fuji Camera to do Polaroids of some of the guests:

Broomfield Family Photography

Here’s the business card table. Guests had fun looking for their own portraits on the back of my business cards:

Broomfield Baby Photography

There’s a video of my Mermaids Series playing in the Preview Room – that’s why it’s at standing room only.

Photo Show - Natascha Lee Studios - #1 Best Broomfield Family Photographer

Here is Jessica, one of my lovely models. Her father is dancing in Broomfield Dancing with the Stars next week!

Westminster Family and Highschool Senior Photographer

Even the littlest guests had fun, thanks to lots of different  types of cookies! I photographed this sweet baby at 5 months old and he just keeps getting cuter!

Broomfield Baby and Newborn Photography

And the kiddos boogied in the kid’s playroom. (Did I mention that my studio has a playroom for the kids?)

kids dancing at photo show

Broomfield Family Photography - Photo Show - Dancers Dreamers Make Believers

Thanks again! I’m looking forward to the next one!

Lafayette Sisters – One of my favorites – from my new photos show (NataschaLeeStudios)

These stunning sisters were so sweet, and fun to photograph!

Lafayette Senior Photos - IMG_2891

Flower Power in Chautauqua – Boulder Art & Family Photography

Boulder Flower Photo Art - Natascha Lee Studios_0035-eal-sfw

Boulder Art & Family Photography

Westminster/Broomfield Senior Portraits – Unique Photography By Natascha Lee Studios

Summer is winding down in Westminster and Broomfield, and the kids are starting to go back to school.

I’m thrilled to share another beautiful Mermaid from my “Dancers, Dreamers and Make-Believers” Collection.

Doesn’t she have the most lovely smile?

Every girl (and her mother)  wants her senior portrait to be special and different, something that reflects their personality and celebrates their beauty.

How’s this for a unique Highschool Senior Portrait?

Broomfield Senior Portraits - IMG_1869-epa-l-sfw

Westminster/Broomfield Senior, Children and Family Photographer

Because I’ve had several people ask me, the fabric came from JoAnne’s in Westminster.

The Fiery Colors of Sunset (Art Image by Natascha Lee Studios)

 This one is from my recent art series. Image taken right here in Broomfield during a stormy sunset.

Broomfield Art Photographer - Fiery Colors of Fall - Art Photography - Sunset - IMG_6481-l-sfw-Natascha-Lee-Studios

Broomfield Photographic Artist : Fine Art and Family Portraits

Broomfield Newborn Baby Photography – Portraits by Natascha Lee Studios

Broomfield Baby Photography - IMG_2513-epa-l-sfwBroomfield Newborn Baby Photography