Family Photography Display Idea: Canvas Clusters 2014: Showcase (Greenwood Village Family Portraits)

Greenwood Village Family Portraits

Greenwood Village Family Photographer

Latest Art Series: Dreaming of the Ocean – By Natascha Lee Studios

Another in my latest photo-art series:

Greenwood Village Photography and Art by Natascha Lee StudiosGreenwood Village Artist and Photographer: Natascha Lee Studios

Golden, Colorado Baby Photography: New Canvas Clusters – 2014 Family Portraiture

Beautiful day in Golden today – beautiful day all over Colorado!

Here is another idea on how to turn your family portraits into stunning wall art.

Our Custom Canvas Grouping: Triptych.

(Yes, our Canvas Clusters are named, so we can easily keep track of which one you order!)

I just love the adorable big sister and baby brother in this series – taken from our Spring Flower Sessions.

Canvas_Triptych-Natascha-Lee-Studios-sfw-Broomfield-Family-PhotographyGolden, Colorado: Baby, Children and Family Custom Photography

Denver, Colorado – Headshots with Personality by Natascha Lee Studios

Yay! Spring has sprung in Denver. Can’t wait for all my family portrait sessions scheduled for May and June.

In the meantime, here is a recent headshot of a lovely fellow photographer!

Denver, Colorado - Headshots with Personality by Natascha Lee StudiosDenver, Colorado – Headshots with Personality for Actors, Artists, Performers and Business People


New Art Series: Fall Leaves by Natascha Lee Studios (Boulder, Colorado)

Yes! It’s Spring in Broomfield, Boulder County! Just the perfect time to share my new artwork: Fall Leaf Series. ;-)

Actually, we are having a great time with Spring Family Portraits, as well as some Headshots with Personality, but I just have to share some of my new art pieces:

Fall Leaf Series - Art by-Natascha-Lee-Studios-l-sfw

Broomfield Baby, Child and Family Photographer


Greenwood Village – Headshots with Personality by Natascha Lee Studios

This elegant lady is an artist! We did her headshots in my new light-filled studio – perfect for newborns and for indoor headshots!

Greenwood Village Headshots with Personality by Natascha Lee StudiosGreenwood Village:  Artistic Headshots with Personality for Actors, Artists and Business People

Slow Life | Amazing Underwater Life Video in Slow Motion by Daniel Stubin (Australia)

Loving this video from Daniel Stubin : Slow Life: A Macro Timelapse of Coral, Sponges and Other Aquatic Organisms Created from 150,000 Photographs.

You can buy art prints of his amazing macro photography here.

His blog posting talks about the movie and the importance of protecting the Great Barrier Reef.

Things and Love (and my new Spring Portrait): Baby, Children and Family Photography in Broomfield Colorado

With the weather getting warmer in Boulder County, and the grass greening up in Broomfield – Spring is Here!

Spring is a great time to get new portraits for yourself, your children and/or your family.

Here is my new Spring Portrait, along with a few of the top things I love:

all-about-me-2014-sfwMy vibrant new photo courtesy of photographer pal Ryan Olsen!

Broomfield Community Spotlight Series #6: Danse Etoile Ballet (Brought to you by Natascha Lee Studios)

For our 6th installment of Community Spotlight is here and this week we are featuring Danse Etoile Ballet located in Broomfield, Colorado

As previous ballet dancers ourselves, we at Natasha Lee Studios are beyond excited to feature a great local company, Danse Etoile Ballet, that puts on amazing performances that cater to both the art lover and families.

To get to know more about Danse Etoile Ballet we talked with founder and owner, Marie-Jose Payannet.

Credit: Photo provided by Marie-Jose

Photo Credit: Photo provided by Marie Jose

Can you tell us about Danse Etoile Ballet?

Danse Etoile Ballet is a non-profit dance organization founded by Marie-Jose Payannet. Dedicated to offering artists of all ages a place to refine their talent and an opportunity to perform. Since its first performance in January of 2005, Danse Etoile has produced original story ballets ranging from the classical to the contemporary and folk styles.

How did DanseEtoile Ballet get its start?

Incorporated in 2004 in service in 2005 for our first performances at the Dance is for everybody and the dairy center . We didn’t have a studio and rehearsed everywhere sometimes 9pm at night, Sundays, without heat…. Our first class was on an indoor soccer field.

When you were practicing on soccer fields and without heat did you think that you would ever be where you are today?

I had no idea. I was just focused on teaching and rehearsing the best I could for our first performance. One day at the time with a vision.


Photo Credit: Macht

How would you describe the mission of Danse Etoile Ballet?

Danse Etoile Ballet is dedicated to producing quality artistic performances, programs, and instruction, which will foster access to, and appreciation of dance and theater for new audiences.

What type of classes does Danse Etoile Ballet offer for different ages and skill sets?

By maintaining small class sizes, dancers of all ages are given individual attention and guidance tailored to their specific needs. The family atmosphere at Danse Etoile  provides a healthy environment where dancers feel comfortable to push themselves out of their comfort zones and reach new levels of success.

The performance opportunities given to our dancers are un-paralleled to any other company. Dancers are not only expected to be technical in their art, but also be professional in their performance

Why is ballet an important skill to learn?

It is not ballet by itself. It is the all aspect of professional training in a safe, family like environment where students can strive to be their best, learn a hard physical discipline, learn a team effort as well as to be mentally strong when challenged, learn to perform in front of difference audiences and at different venues, volunteer, understand the importance of Arts in the community. Ballet is also a great way to stay in shape and not being bored as it gets challenging very quickly.

Interested in becoming a performer, or getting your children involved? Checkout their summer sessions that are now enrolling!

How does Danse Etoile Ballet positively affect the community?

Danse Etoile Ballet strives to produce three full-length performances every season. These performances are funded through local and national grants as well as local businesses.

Each performance consist of three to four shows, held over a period of two days. Each show attracts an audience ranging from 150 to 400 people from Boulder, Broomfield and Denver counties.

We feel that it is important for our community to be involved in the arts. Every performance we provide discounted and free tickets to organizations like the Girl Scouts, retirement communities, and other local non-profits. By sponsoring a performance, you enable us to continue allowing dance as well as the arts, to be accessible to our community.

As well as producing full-length performances, we participate in community events such as the Boulder Creek Festival, Dance is for Everybody and the Broomfield Days. The company also performs in several schools as part of our outreach program. By sponsoring a season you are aiding us in our effort to educate the community on the importance of the arts.


Photo Credit: Provided by Dance Etoile

Can you tell us a little more about your kid-friendly/family performances? What should a family expect at a show?

All the performances we produced are fun to watch for everyone at different levels. They are colorful, unique, great music and choreography, often with a touch of humor, very lively. The theater is small and you can see well from everywhere, the kids can come and meet with the dancers and be inspired to dance.  It is somewhat intimate and you get really caught up in the performance. And the ticket price is cheap so even low income families can enjoy it.

At Natascha Lee Studios we love that Danse Etoile Ballet has performances that are catered to families and young audiences – it is amazing to get to expose kids to the arts, especially in this capacity of talent and entertainment value!

To learn more about Danse Etoile Ballet, click here to visit them online


Toms and Water for People: Moving into Coffee + Water and Sanitation

I love Water For People - a couple of years ago I volunteered and then worked for them.  They have an innovative approach to WASH (water, sanitation, hygiene)  for developing countries. From their website:

Water for People exists for one purpose, and it’s as simple as our name: we want all people to have safe, continuous water, and when they do, our job will be done. We want water for everyone, forever.

My assistant loves TOMS – she wears their shoes every day.


Together, we are super excited about this innovative partnership announced today:

TOMS, known for its One for One shoe and sight ventures, is now entering the coffee market with TOMS Roasting Co. Under the guidance of a master brewer, TOMS Roasting Co. will offer six premium coffee varieties with beans sourced across the globe. For every bag of coffee purchased, TOMS Roasting Co. will work with Water For People to provide sustainable water systems to the countries from which the beans are sourced—Rwanda, Honduras, Peru, Guatemala, and Malawi.

For more info, click here.

Here’s a photo I took a few years ago in Guatemala while I was working with Water for People. Remembering the joy of these schoolchildren still makes me smile:

School children in Guatemala  - Water for People - Natascha Lee - IMG_6066-ea-l-sfw



Denver, Colorado Family Portraits (Twins!) – Canvas Clusters Wall Art – Natascha Lee Studios

Here’s another from our 2014 Canvas Cluster Wall Art Series: “The Showcase”
The Showcase” is perfect if you have tall ceilings in your living room and really want to make a statement with your family portraits.

This one ALSO features twins – just a little bit older than the itty bitties from the posting of a few days ago.

Denver Colorado Family Portraits Canvas Cluster by Natascha Lee StudiosDenver Colorado Family Portraits: Vibrant, Joyful and Fun

(Boulder) Community Spotlight Series #5: The Tea Spot (Brought to you by Natascha Lee Studios)

Wow! It is already our FIFTH week of Community Spotlight! We are continuing to book spring sessions, and with the gorgeous weather lately we are really feeling the itch to get back outdoors and shoot!

This week we take a look at an exciting business in Boulder, The Tea Spot with CEO Maria Uspenski.

Maria describes herself as a mechanical engineer by background as well as a Cancer survivor. Cancer is actually what helped her discover the amazing health benefits of tea while in recovery. Through this experience being able to provide quality tea products and make them accessible became the inspiration behind The Tea Spot.

Maria’s story is truly so inspirational that I could go on for days but to learn more click here.


“Loose leaf tea became an integral part of my own recovery and continues to be a key component of my daily health regimen. The simple act of preparing loose tea is likely just as therapeutic as the tea itself. It gives me great joy to be able to share this with others and I am continually inspired by the people who courageously and actively fight to survive.”


Can you tell me about The Tea Spot?

We are a for-profit philanthropic business whose mission is to foster wellness by making loose leaf tea an everyday luxury.  That said, we approach the solution from 2 directions – by offering healthy, antioxidant-rich teas that people will find so delicious that they can’t HELP but keep drinking them; and by designing and manufacturing a line of housewares that make loose leaf tea EASY – this excited line is called STEEPWARE.

How did you decide to get into this business? – Any inspirations?

My inspiration is the drive to change American drinking habits (esp. those of young girls). I want to get them off unhealthy sugared, preserved beverages and on to healthy, fresh brewed teas.


Curious to what this loose and whole leaf tea is all about? Check out this amazing starter kit that really includes all you need to brew and steep your own tea! You can also purchase their tea in many locations in the area.

How does your business/product positively affect the community?

We benefit the community in two key ways – by introducing better teas, and through our 10% Pledge! The Tea Spot pledges 10% of all sales as in-kind donations to cancer wellness and community programs – predicting to give back $250,000 this year!

What is your favorite product that you offer at The Tea Spot?

It’s always the latest one I’ve been working on!  The new NEW thing… but there are many really.  The Steep & Go  which debuted last year, is picking up lots of traction internationally, and we’re looking to get US distribution on it this year.

Also most recently, I’ve been working on a line of certified organic teas which we’re getting into tins this year, and they will be launching in Whole Foods in the Colorado region as well as in Canada this Spring.  I’ve just loved working on that project.

Wondering about the difference between bagged tea and loose-leaf tea? Check out the explanation here!

What makes your business unique?

THE PEOPLE .  Everything else is secondary.  I know that good business practice always puts the customer first, and all my team does – with the 10% Pledge in mind – but for me, it’s ALL about the employees.  Each of our amazing products, each of our wonderful customers – they are ALL a reflection of the people at The Tea Spot.

 Custom Tea and Yoga Coffee Mug by Natascha Lee Studios - Tea Art

Here at Natascha Lee Studios, we have tried their tea and it is truly wonderful! So tasty!  Our favorite is Boulder Blues!

To learn more about The Tea Spot you can visit them online!

Cherry Creek, Colorado Newborn Portraits – Santa Baby by Natascha Lee Studios

Still catching up blogging baby and family portraits from previous photography sessions:

Here’s one of my favorite Personality Plus Baby Portraits!

Cherry Creek, Colorado Newborn Portraits - Santa Baby by Natascha Lee Studios

Cherry Creek Baby Photography

Denver Urban Bride in Color – Styled Portraits by Natascha Lee Studios

DEnver Colorado Urban Bride PortraitsDenver, Colorado Bride Portraits



Denver Urban Bride in Classic Black and White – by Natascha Lee Studios

Denver Colorado Bride in Black and White - Urban SEtting- Millennium Bridge - Natascha Lee STudiosDenver Colorado Fine Black and White Portraiture

Taken at the Denver Millennium Bridge