Senior Portraits: Artistic & Unique Photography for Denver Highschool Seniors by Natascha Lee Studios

I just love it when clients send me notes about their experience working with me to create their unique portraits. Here is a super sweet one from Maddie that just made my day!

 “Natascha Lee was kind enough to let me have a part in helping her with a beautiful project this summer, her creativity and eye for finding beauty in the everyday is what makes her a fun and unique photographer – no boring and ordinary photos from her! I’d highly recommend Natascha not only for her skill but also for her fun and personable spirit that can make even those who are uneasy in front of the camera (meaning me) feel comfortable and natural.

- Maddie Lewis

Artistic and Creative Fine Portaiture  - Broomfield, Colorado - Natascha Lee Studios - IMG_0098-eal-sfw-2-Natascha-Lee-Studios

 Westminster Senior Portraits

Denver Children’s Photography – Holiday Family Portraits with Natascha Lee Studios

Here’s another of my favorite portraits from my last Holiday Mini Sessions for kids.

This little girl likes trucks, her favorite color is blue and she has a smile that will met your heart!

She also recently became a big sister – I think that’s pride I see in her eyes!

Denver Children's Photography - Holiday Portraits - IMG_5870-eal-sfw-Natascha-Lee-Studios

Denver Children’s Portrait Photography

Broomfield Children’s Photography – Viewing Session (By Broomfield Photography Natascha Lee Studios)

I’m so excited to share an image of a Broomfield portait client’s final art, hanging in their home.

Last last year, local Broomfield Mamma Jenny bid and won a photo session with me at a local charity auction.

About two weeks after a portrait session, I meet my clients in my North Denver studio to share their final portrait gallery in a lovely movie format, set to music. As you know from my studio tour, I’ve got comfty couches, beer, wine and soda, as well as a playroom if the kiddos come along. This Move Premier lets portrait clients see all their images in their full resolution glory, as well as allows me to assist them in selecting their favorite images for wall art, albums, and gifts for family members.

Jenny and I had set up the viewing appointment for 5:30pm on a weekday, not really thinking about rush hour traffic. We each encountered traffic getting there (note to self: no more appointments during evening rush hour), but we decided that some wine would take care of that…..I even had a really nice bottle of red ready. And then…TRAGIC! I couldn’t find the wine opener anywhere! Argghhh. At least we managed to open the sparkling cider for her girls. And I have since made sure we have two! wine openers in the studio kitchen.

With our non-wine drinks (tragic!), we settle into the couches and chairs and I start their Preview Movie. This super cool and fun Mamma started tearing up at the first image (which is normal – most Mammas  tear up when they are seeing portraits of their precious children.) But then her reaction was even better….. by the third image, she leaned forward with this look and disbelief.  It looked like she was in shock at how stunning her girls’ portraits were! I was smiling from ear to ear!

The adorable girls, well they loved being “movie stars” but I think their favorite was the playroom @ my studio with an Xbox, or perhaps it was the Martinellis apple cider they got to sip out of wine glasses.

After much discussion about which images to get for her wall collage, I helped her select her final portraits. And here, without further ado, is the iphone snapshot she sent me of the final wall. Isn’t it wonderful?

Broomfield Family Portraits - children and dog - images on wall jenni

Broomfield Family Photography

Denver Headshots with Personality (sm) for Dancers and Performers – by Natascha Lee Studios

Today, I’m taking a break from  Studio Tour images to share this one of Lisa, a local dancer who works with lots of wonderful Denver organizations including the Black Actors Guild and Cleo Parker Robinson.

Her bubbly personality is so fun to be around! Check out her super cool ombre hair style….and look at those eyes! Wow!

Denver Portraits for Dancers by Natascha Lee Studios - IMG_7233-eal-sfw

Denver Headshots with Personality for Dancers, Performers and Executives


Studio Tour/Specific Images – Natascha Lee Studios – Boulder Baby, Kids, and Family Photography

Two days ago I posted a studio tour of my North Denver Studio. And yesterday I posted the first of a series where I show you portraits made in specific spaces in my Studio.

Here’s another of my favorite images made @ the Studio, this one in the “Sunshine/Jump Room.”

 I position Claire (1 yr old)  just so, between the two windows, so that light wraps around her beautiful face. I love the way the windows reflect in her sparkly eyes.

Boulder Baby Photography - Natascha Lee Studios - Sunshine-room-and-baby-photo-sfw

Boulder Baby and Family Photographer

  All images ©2015 Natascha Lee Studios.

Studio Tour/Specific Images – Natascha Lee Studios – Broomfiled Baby, Kids, and Family Photography

Yesterdays post was a studio tour of my North Denver Studio.

Today, I’m going to start a series where I share with you how I use all those amazing spaces to make beautiful portraits of newborn babies, children, families, parents, and executives. I’ll show you exactly where the image was made in my studio.

This portrait of the lovely Stacey was made in the “Super Space“, right against one of those enormous windows.

Look how the natural sun light makes her skin glow:

Broomfield Headshots with Personality - Natascha Lee Studios Big-Window-and-Red-Dress-sfw

Broomfield “Headshots with Personality (sm)” Photographer

  All images ©2015 Natascha Lee Studios.

Studio Tour – Natascha Lee Studios – Denver Baby, Kids, Family and Headshots Photography

While I usually shoot family portraits outside, I still use my North Denver studio for newborn photos, Headshots with Personality(sm), and for my annual art show.  It’s also where I meet all my clients for their “Movie Premier” session, where we get to review their amazing images, movie style. I’ve been meaning to post this Studio Tour for quite a while….

Here is my beautiful, light-filled studio with many different shooting space options. I’ll share images of the empty studio today, and then tomorrow I’ll show you some of the portraits taken in each of these amazing spaces.

Let’s start with a few images to give you a general idea of the space. See those huge windows on the right and the back? They create this lovely, yummy light that is flattering to everyone!

 All images ©2015 Natascha Lee Studios.

Broomfield Baby Photography - Natascha Lee Studios - IMG_0254-el-sfw

Denver Newborn Photos - Natacha Lee Studios - IMG_8096-el-sfw

Denver Modeling Portfolio Images - Natascha Lee Studios - IMG_8123 el sfw

Awesome Denver Photographers Studio - Natascha Lee STudios - IMG_8133 el

Now, for a room-by-room tour.

Here is what you see when you first walk in the front door:

Denver Baby Photography - Natascha Lee Studios Studio Tour IMG_1195-el-sfw

And here is the view from the opposite side, looking back to the front door.

Denver Headshots Studio - Natascha Lee Studios - IMG_1198-el-sfw


The studio has a wonderful Playroom for your kiddos:

Playroom for Kids - Natascha Lee Studios Tour - IMG_2721-el-sfw


This is the “Sunshine Room“, with a bright white bed perfect for newborn baby images, as well as big and little sibling shots! Although I think it should be called the “Jump Room” because all the young kids love to jump on this bed! Enormous windows on two sides to naturally light up beautiful newborn skin:

Sunshine room - Natascha lee Studios tour - IMG_8080 el


Here is one of my favorite spots to shoot children – the chalkboard wall in the  “Relax Room.”  It has yummy indirect light all around. We regularly swap up the theme on this wall:

Chalkboard backdrop - Natascha Lee Studios Tour - IMG_8136 el


This is the “Super Space“, where we can shoot with with a huge variety of backdrops, and take advantage of that lovey natural light from the huge windows. The size, layout, and lighting provide lots of variety.

Broomfield Baby Photography - Super Space - Natascha Lee Studios Tour - IMG_8117 el sfw


Here is a space dedicated for you to do your hair and make-up before the shoot, the “Beauty Corner.”  If you are looking to have your hair and makeup professionally done, we work with some of the best make up artists in Denver!

Denver Headshots with Personality - Make Up Area - Natascha Lee Studios Tour - IMG_8116-el-sfw


This is the “Premier Room”,  where we meet two weeks after your photo shoot to see the “Movie Premier” of your images.  Your chance to be a movie star! You get to see all your beautiful images, and we’ll review your product choices including Archival Custom Wall Art, Mounted Gift Prints, Archival Hand-crafted Albums, Keepsakes and Digital Files. Notice the wine glasses on the table? More about that later….

Studio Tour Natascha Lee Studios IMG_0244 el


The “Boardroom”, perfect for Headshots with Personality(sm) for executives and business owners.

Denver Headshots with Personality - Natascha Lee Studios Tour - IMG_8097-el-sfw


The “Workroom” is a great space for clients to lounge while waiting for their shoot, and it’s also a great space for corporate headshot clients looking for a more urban/alternative look than the “Boardroom” above. As with all the spaces, note those huge windows that bathe my clients in flattering natural light.


Denver Urban Corporate Headshots - Natascha Lee Studios Tour - IMG_8129 el sfw


Thirsty? Looking for a little caffeine to energize you or some wine to relax you before your session? (I swear, one of my clients last year brought rum and coke to her corporate headshot session, to get her relaxed…and it worked, she LOVED her images.)  We stock wine, soda, beer and bottled water…as well as coffee and tea. And we feature local Colorado wineries!

Local Colorado Winery - Denver Family Fine Portraiture - Natascha Lee Studios Tour - IMG_5674 el

Denver Headshots - Natascha Lee Studios Tour - IMG_8094-el-sfw


Well, that’s the end of today’s tour. Come back tomorrow to see some of the actual portraits taken in these spaces.

BTW, I would love to take your portrait in my Denver Studio! Contact me today!

  All images ©2015 Natascha Lee Studios.

Dreaming of Spring Flowers – Natascha Lee Studios

California Poppies in Sonoma Wine Country Photography by Natascha Lee Studios - IMG_7598-eal-sfw

Broomfield Family and Art Photography

Unique, Artistic Portraiture for Westminster Women – Mermaids by Natascha Lee Studios (Dancers, Dreamers and Make Believers)

Yay! A warm Saturday here in Westminster and Broomfield. We finally get to take down the Christmas lights on the house and go for bike rides! I’m already thinking about Spring, and super excited about Rare Seed’s new catalog.

This new year is shaping up to be the best ever – I’ll be attending both major photography conferences, I’ve got a couple fabulous new assistants I can’t wait to work with (hey there Christina and Carina), I’m working on a new photography webinar for professional photographers, I’m donating pottery to a few local fundraisers that I’m excited about, and I’m already booking baby and family portrait sessions into June!

And, in the midst of all this goodness, I open my inbox to this message……..Just love, love this email from Jessica, one of my “mermaids” from my Dancers, Dreamers and Make Believers (TM) Series.

“There aren’t many things that could persuade me to be awake and in a pool at 6 am but shooting with Natascha was worth every early-morning minute! She made the whole experience comfortable and enjoyable for everyone involved with her creativity and  passion permeating the whole shoot.  We used tons of different fabrics, flowers and even did some action shots jumping off the diving board. It is quite remarkable to see yourself through Natascha’s lens, I came away from viewing the finished product feeling beautiful and confident. I would recommend Natascha Lee Studios to anyone looking for a unique portrait from an exceptional photographer.”


Golden Family Photography - IMG_1804-eal-sfw

Westminster Photography: Unique Fine Portraits for Strong Beautiful Women

Taylor Swift’s Blank Space – Awesome Parody Video for Photographers

This one is for my photog friends. Hilarious.

(Much funnier if you have seen Taylor Swift’s original video.)

Boulder Photographer for Baby, Children and Family Portraits

Dancer Portraits – by Natascha Lee Studios

This Denver dancer, Lisa (good friends with Rachel from my last blog post), is such a fun upbeat person!

I appreciate the happy energy she brings with her. And her movements are so lyrical.

Here’s one of my favs of her. I love the angle and tension in this image, the chandeliers and the sky lights, and the sunshine reflecting off the floor.

And, of course her super cool moves!

Denver Dance Fine Portraiture Natascha-Lee-Studios-IMG_7388-eal-sfwDenver Portraits for Dancers, Performers and Executives


Denver Headshots with Personality for Dancers and Performers – by Natascha Lee Studios

This Denver dancer, Rachel, is so lovey, and a very talented person Like crazy talented.

I love this image of her, and the calm, strong, intense energy she exudes. She’s actually a very calm person, no drama.

Except when she sees little kids. Then her face breaks out in a smile from ear to ear!

You know that saying, “She loves kids.” Well, that applies 100% to this gal!

It was a joy to photograph her – both  moving as well as standing still. (Moving/dancing images to come later – including some with her super talented friend Lisa.)

Denver Headshots with Personality for Dancers, Performers and Executives 2Denver Headshots with Personality for Dancers, Performers and Executives


Another super cool art application: Japanese flip books with secret compartments!

Here’s another very cool art application  – little flip books that reveal secret compartments.

 I love how fun these are, and the  unique illustrations.

By Mou Hitotsu no Kenkyujo

You can even  buy these on Amazon.

Happy New Year Natascha Lee Studios

Happy New Year! We had a lovely December; lots of friends, family and fun times. Christmas with young children is always a blast; their Christmas Spirit is a joy.

Oh, and the food! I tried out this Bacon Baklava recipe from Sunset Magazine. It was a bit hit.

I hope your Holidays were wonderful, too.

I got to work on a new art series and I can’t wait to share some of them with you.

I’m almost fully booked for January and February, and I’m so excited to photograph all those wonderful babies, children, families and super fun adults looking for Headshots with Personality SM.

Here’s one of my favorite new Art Series Images, based on a photograph I took on the Western Slope near Palisade during a wine tasting trip:

Natascha Lee Studios Broomfield Family Photographer - Western Slope Palisade Art

Boulder Colorado Family Portrait and Photographic Artist


Happy Holidays from Natascha Lee Studios

Happy Holidays 2014 from Natascha Lee Studios! I hope this season is full of grace, gratitude and fun times with those you love.

As a reminder, we shut down every December to focus on family and loved ones over the holidays.

See you January 1, 2015!

Happy-Holidays-2014-sfw from Natascha Lee StudiosPhoto Credit: Brooke Trexler (Thanks Brooke!)

Boulder Baby Portraits – Holiday and Santa Claus | Natascha Lee Studios

 With the holidays upon us, I just have to repost one of my favorite baby Christmas images. This sweet little one with a Santa Hat on.

Broomfield Baby Santa Claus Christmas Portraits Newborn - Natascha Lee Studios -  IMG_0766-epa2-sfw

 Boulder Baby Photography – Holiday and Christmas Portraits

 (Santa hat from ZaneyBaby on Etsy!)

What does Cheese say when taking portraits? (A little laugh for today)

As a professional photographer, I’m a sucker for photography jokes.

Here’s a cute one:

say people

Source: Fun Elf

Broomfield Children’s Portraits Mini Session Movie (Lovely Sisters) (By Broomfield Photography Natascha Lee Studios)

I’m wrapping up client orders, preparing for my month off in December. I love getting to relax and focus on family over the holidays!

Here’s a video of a recent mini session, taken in Broomfield before we lost most of the leaves. They included their dog, who was a sweetheart but very spirited.

Video Previews are a special service I offer all clients – an in-person preview session, which is held in my studio a couple of weeks after your custom portrait session.

Your “preview video”  includes your final portrait images set to music and with special video effects. Fancy!

This one is short because it was a mini session, most portrait sessions result in 30-40 images. To see what a typical session video look like, click here.

Natascha Lee Studios – Broomfield Family Photography – Sister’s Mini Session from N Lee on Vimeo.

Broomfield Family Photography

BTW, Here is the absolute sweetest recommendation that their daughter wrote for me on my Facebook Page:

Hi! This is Lauren. Miss Natascha took pictures of my sister Katelyn and I a few weeks ago. We saw this crazy black cat that I named Halloween by the lake. My dog Sully really wanted to eat Halloween the whole time, so we didn’t think we would get any good pictures with our dog. When we looked at our pictures in Miss Natascha’s studio we were so surprised to see the really cool pictures of our dog and us. My mom couldn’t make up her mind about which pictures were her favorites, so she ordered a bunch. I love the pictures with my dog the most!! - Lauren

Denver Baby Photography – Holiday Portrait Sessions – “Behind the Scenes” with Natascha Lee Studios

A word of advice for my fellow Denver parents – get your grocery shopping done today! Tomorrow and Wed are going to be crazy crazy @ the grocery stores.

I went yesterday during the Denver Broncos game (yay Peyton! 39-36 over Miami), which is usually a quiet time to go, but it was packed!

Ok, my PSA for Denver parents is done, and now on to my posting:

I love this detail/behind the scenes shot from my recent Holiday Mini Sessions for kids.

That’s me in the center, reflected in the holiday ornament.

Any of my fellow photogs laugh when they happen to catch a photo or a reflection of what they look like while shooting? I am always amazed at how much I bend down, lean over, etc. No wonder my back hurts after a few hours. Esp if I’m using Thor (my 2.8 70-200)

Anyway, I just love all the sparkly silver in this scene! One of my very favorite clients commented over on my FB page that this will be a fun photo to look back on once I have retired.

I responded, “Didn’t you know? Photographers never retire, they just loose their focus.” ;-)

Denver Baby Photography Natascha Lee Studios  IMG_6991-ornament-detail-bts-eal-sfw

Denver Family Photography

Broomfield Headshots with Personality(sm) – Top 3 Tips for Great Headshots (by Natascha Lee Studios)

I love doing team headshots for local organizations. Headshots with personality(sm) will help your images and your organization stand out and get noticed. And, your employees will appreciate having flattering, unique images of themselves.

 When I do business headshots, I’ll typically work with someone in Marketing or HR beforehand, and then come in for a morning and take amazing, personality-filled portraits of all your executives, staff, or employees, etc.

Are you thinking of having headshots taken of your team in Denver, Boulder, Broomfield, or anywhere in between? If so, here are three key steps for making sure you get amazing headshots.

(Really, these are three key steps for any time you are working with a professional photographer).

Top 3 Tips for Great Headshots

Step 1)  Select the correct photographer.

Ask for recommendations, Google local photographers, and check out their galleries to see their style.

Step 2)  Communicate what you are looking for and how you plan to use the photos.

Are you looking for casual? Professional? Trustworthy? Fun?

Do you need them for your website bios? For huge conference signage? For brochures? Will you be providing copies to your employees as an employee bonus? All these are important things to cover with your photographer.

Step 3)  Invest in the preparation steps your photographer provides you.

This includes how to communicate “photoshoot day” to your team, what sort of support or space your photographer will need, and recommended prep tips for those getting photographed. If your photographer doesn’t provide you with any preparation tips, you may need to go revisit step #1.

If you have a team of 5 or more employees, and you would like to schedule on-site or studio headshots, please contact me!

Broomfield Headshots with Personality - IMG_6704-epl-sfw-2-Natascha-Lee-Studios

Broomfield Headshots Photographer for Executives, Business People, Not For Profit Staff, and Educators

New England Lighthouse: Portland Head Light (Art Series by Natascha Lee Studios)

Portland Head Light

Lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Natascha Lee Studios - Art Series - IMG_0010-eal-sfw

Broomfield Portrait Artist – Fine Art & Photography

Senior Portraits: Artistic & Unique Photography for Highschool Seniors by Natascha Lee Studios

Hi Broomfield, Westminster and Lafayette / Louisville (and of course my followers/fans/friends in other cities…hi Mom!) It’s great to be up to double digit temperatures finally!

I opened my email to find this lovely note from Jessie, one of my models for my Mermaid Art Series:

I had a wonderful experience modeling for Natascha. Working perfectly with angles and lighting was something that came naturally to her, and every final image was beautiful and unlike any I had ever seen before. Equally as important, Natascha incorporated her own humor and excitement into the photography process, making it a very fun experience for me and all the other models. She also was very kind and made me feel comfortable being myself on and off of the camera. I would recommend Natascha Lee for any of your photography needs!

-Jessie Davis

Jessie, thank you so much for your kind words! Here’s one of my favorite images of the stunningly beautiful Jessie, taken during my second Mermaid Art Shoot.  To see my other favorite of Jessie, click here.

Broomfield Senior Photos - Natascha Lee Studios - IMG_1687-eal-sfw

Broomfield Senior and Family Portraits


Amazing Illustration by Burcu & Geoffrey

Have you seen the animations by

This is the most recent one, and it’s simply amazing. Beautiful, mysterious, unique.

 This link below goes to the trailer/preview on their Vimeo channel, and it’s about 40 seconds long.

The actual animation will be 3 minutes and I can’t wait to watch it and share it with my children. And my children’s friends.

It has the same sort of dreamy feel and environmental message as the Lorax, but with a unique artistic vibe all their own.

Tant de Forêts – trailer from Burcu & Geoffrey on Vimeo.

You can learn more about this talented duo here.

Denver Children’s Photography (Sneak Peek) – Holiday Family Portraits with Natascha Lee Studios

Here’s another of my favorites from my recent Holiday Mini Sessions for kids.

This little girl likes trucks, her favorite color is blue and she has a smile that will met your heart!

She also recently became a big sister – I think that’s pride I see in her eyes!

Denver Children's Photography - Holiday Portraits - IMG_5870-eal-sfw-Natascha-Lee-Studios

Denver Children’s Portrait Photography

Boulder Baby Photography – Holiday Family Portraits with Natascha Lee Studios

Boulder and Broomfield have a nice dusting of snow today. Perfect weather to share this lovely holiday portrait of the most beautiful little baby girl.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we created a variety of sets for this year’s Holiday Mini Sessions for kids.

Here’s a photo from one the mini sessions, on the set that ended up being the most popular.

Doesn’t this little girl have the most lovely eyes?

Boulder Baby Photography - Holiday Portraits by Natascha Lee Studios - IMG_6288-eal-sfw-cropped

Boulder Baby Photography

Denver Family Photography – Holiday Family Sessions – “Behind the Scenes” with Natascha Lee Studios

At  my North Denver Studio, we created a variety of sets for this year’s Holiday Mini Sessions for kids.

This was one of our most popular sets or scenes specifically created with our “Clean and Classic Style, Anne-Taylor” loving clients in mind.

Tomorrow I’ll post a image of how adorable this looks once we have a sweet little kiddo in it.

Denver Family Photography - Natascha Lee Studios Holiday Set IMG_5835-l-sfwDenver Family Photography

Westminster Family Photography – Fine (and Fun) Family Portraiture in Black and White – by Natascha Lee Studios

Yesterdays family portrait mini sessions were a smashing success! We had so much fun, and got amazing photos of all the kiddos that participated!

Here is one of my favs. Love this family.

I love the strong horizontal angle to the image, the unconventional pose, authentic expressions, the smiles, the energy…just everything!

Westminster Family Photography - Holiday Mini Sessions - IMG_6082-eal-bw-sfw

Westminster Family Portraits

Cherry Hills Village Family Photography & Headshots with Personality by Natascha Lee Studios

If you are having family portraits taken, be sure to have your photographer take headshots of just you alone.

You’ll be so happy to have artistic headshots with personality for your FB profile, LinkedIn profile, etc.
And even if you already have a decent, recent professional headshot, one taken by a family photographer will likely offer a different side of you – more casual, relaxed.

And possibly in a very different, artistic background. Like this one:

Cherry Hills Village Family Photography - IMG_1713-Natascha-Lee-eal-sfw

Boulder Headshots for Executives, Artists, and Professional Performers

Boulder and Broomfield Maternity Photography – Fine Family Portraiture in Black and White – by Natascha Lee Studios

Here is day two of the Black and White Family Photography Challenge:

I love the little girl’s expression as she gazes up at pregnant Mamma, and Daddy’s hands on Mamma’s bare belly:

Boulder and Broomfield Maternity Photos - IMG_0665-eal-bw-sfw

Boulder Maternity Portraits

Boulder Photography – Fine Children’s Portraiture in Black and White – by Natascha Lee Studios

Friend and fellow Broomfield/Boulder photographer Matt invited me to a 5-day black and white photography challenge.

Of course, he did it during our absolutely busiest time of year (Fall family portraits – esp for children and family photographers like myself that shoot mostly outside.)

But it’s hard to resist a fun challenge, so I’m in.

Here’s one of my favorites of this adorable little girl with her most cherished stuffed animal:

Boulder Children's Photography - Fine Portraiture in Black and White - 1294-bw-l-sfw

Boulder Fine Children’s Portraiture