Denver Yoga Photography: Strength and Beauty from Head to Toes – by Natascha Lee Studios

Denver Yoga Teacher / Denver Yogini Michelle epitomizes strength and beauty, from her head to her toes!

Denver Yoga Photography - Artistic Portraits for Yoga TeachersDenver Artistic Portraits for Yoga, Dance and Gymnastics


Aurora Toddler Children’s Photography – Natascha Lee Studios

This little gal is cute cute cute! Her (super fun) mamma wanted to do a combo modeling portfolio headshots + regular toddler portrait session.

And, little Miss P was a typical toddler, and would not sit still for portraits. She loved jumping on the bed in my “Jump Room” @ my N. Denver Studio, and she loved collecting rocks on the roof (yes! We even do roof sessions sometimes – very cool!)  And any time I sat on the ground (which I do often when photographing children), she walked right over to me and sat in my lap! Love her!

Natascha Lee Studios Aurora Children's Portraits and Headshots IMG_3510 eal sfwAurora Children’s Portrait Photography & Modeling Portfolio Headshots

What to Wear (WTC) – Transition (Winter to Spring) Fashion Guide for Family Portraits in Denver, Colorado

Don’t you love this weather; super hot yesterday, chilly and overcast today. Typical Colorado weather! But the changes during this “Transition Season” from Winter to Spring can make it hard to know what to wear for family portraits . Below is a sample of a great idea – by layering, you can be ready for any weather. And, having layers helps to give you a variety of images. I always suggest that my clients bring a change of top, or a jacket or scarf so we can quickly and easily “mix it up.”

BTW, all my clients get detailed prep tips, including a phone consult on what to wear. This can result in a duffle-bag size collection of clothes and accessories. One of my clients last fall brought the greatest bag for this! I’ll get the details on that bag and blog about it next time.

In the meantime, if you are looking for lots of ideas on what to wear, you can check out my other blog postings on “Style“, or check out my Pinterest guide, “What to Wear“, or check out this pin that has been repinned the most of all my pins.

Winter/Spring Fashion Guide on What to Wear for Family Portraits in Denver

 Denver Baby and Family Photography

PS – My fellow boot-lovers! Wear the heck out of them now! Boot season is about to end… But boot sale season is just now upon us!  ;-)

Denver Dance Kid Dynamo – Dancer and Modeling Portfolio Shots by Natascha Lee Studios

Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing Presley’s modeling portfolio images @ my studio just North of Downtown Denver. It’s a real honor to photograph these wonderful children’s modeling portfolio images, and I enjoy making sure each image celebrates not only their external beauty, but even more importantly that it highlights their unique personality and their internal beauty.  Quite a few of my clients are involved in dance, ice skating or gymnastics.

Presley is a dear, so full of external and internal beauty! She currently dances with Starstruck Academy of Dance. She was most recently in the ShowBiz Entertainment dance competition, where she won; 1st in her age division, solo “High Point Title” winner, as well as being named “Ms. ShowBiz”. Congrats Presley! She is also an incredible student, with straight “A’s” even though she dances 5 days a week.

What a little star!

Denver Dance Kid and Model Portfolio Photography

Denver Dance Kid and Dance Mom Photographer

BTS: A little BTS – Behind-The-Scenes story about her pose on the right. As background, I often actually get into the pose I want someone else do, as it’s the quickest way to convey the idea.  I was trying to show Presley how I wanted her to keep her shoulders back she got in the pose. So I grabbed my own foot and got into the pose to show her. Not knowing that I am a former ballet dancer myself, she was quite shocked and as I grabbed my foot and started moving above my head, right there in the middle of the sidewalk – she initially reached out to help me, like she was worried I was falling over.  Then, once I got into the pose (very briefly), she smiled and understood. Still, there was a moment there where she really didn’t know what the heck her crazy photographer was doing and was trying to be helpful. Such a sweetie!

Denver Kids Photography – by Natascha Lee Studios

Here is Miss Personality Plus!!! My fabulous assistant, Cristina and I, had so much fun doing her portfolio images @ my studio just North of Downtown Denver.

If you follow me on Instagram (instagram/NataschaLeeStudios), I posted a BTS (behind the scenes) shot two weeks ago, from this shoot. She was so darn cute!

She kept saying, “I’m going to think of cute puppies in the jungle”, as a way to get herself to smile! And that, of course, made us smile.

That huge, beautiful smile in the lower right-handed photo (pink dress)? Well, that has nothing to do with thinking of puppies – that’s her laughing at me,  and my silliness.

Ya gotta be willing to be SUPER SILLY when working with kiddos….and it always pays off! ;-)

Denver Kids Girl Photography and Modeling Porfolio Headshots - Natascha Lee Studios - Miss HDenver Kid’s Photographer

Spring Baby and Family Portraits for Denver Highlands Families | Natascha Lee Studios

Hello my Broomfield, Boulder and Denver families. Lots of sunshine today, great day to get outside for that bike ride.

(BTW, in you live North of Denver (like Broomfield, Westminster, Lafayette, Louisville, Northglenn) , check out my “Park Guide” for suggestions on fun new parks to visit with your kiddos.)

How long has it been since you got family portraits done? If it’s been more than a year, and esp. if it’s been more than two, you are due! Your kiddos change so much from year to year! Let’s capture your family’s unique personality and love for each other.

 Spring is a great time for Family Photography. The grass has greened up, the leaves are budding out, but there is still enough bare branches to provide a stunning contrast to you and your family. For a great example, see the video below.

This video below is a sample of “Premium” Family Portraits, which include some behind-the-scenes video as well as still portraiture. “Still” images (photographs) are beautiful, and it’s also fun to have video mixed in to give a richer, deeper experience and memory.

Denver Family Portraits – Spring – Premium Family Photography by Natascha Lee Studios from N Lee on Vimeo.

Denver Highlands Children’s Portrait Photography

Looking for more video samples of portrait sessions? Check them all out on my video page.

Denver Child, Tween and Teen Model Porfolio Headshots – by Natascha Lee Studios

Wow! What great weather in Denver today. Love the sunshine, and how the daffodils are peeking through. Yay Spring!

So, you already know that I am a local Denver photographer focusing on baby, children and family photography, as well as Headshots with Personality(sm).

Did you know I am also the official photographer for the children’s division of local modeling agency Wilhelmina-Denver?

It’s such a joy to photograph these child, tween and teen models! Each one has their own unique look and personality. And I do the same thing with their portraits that I do with all my baby/kid/family/headshot clients – I make sure their unique personalities shine through.

Just looking at these four images below, you can right away sense the different personality of each model.

Denver Model Portfolio Photographer  - Natascha Lee Studios - 4-model-headshots-Natascha-Lee-Studios-el-sfw

Denver Modeling Portfolio Photographer

Your Imagination Gives You Wings | Artistic Dancer & Tattoo Photography by Natascha Lee Studios (Denver, Colorado)

Arm Tattoo and butterfly - dancer - Natascha-Lee-Studios-IMG_7345-eal-tattoo-arm-sfwDenver Photography for Artistic Individuals

Check Out My Portrait Display at Broomfield’s Mamie Doud Library (Natascha Lee Studios)

Be sure to check out the Natascha Lee Studios’ family portrait display at the Broomfield Public Library. I’m so honored to be selected as their March Artist!

Broomfield Family Photography LIbrary Display IMG_0867-l-sfw

Broomfield baby, children and family photographer

Denver Headshots with Personality (sm) for Creative Executives- by Natascha Lee Studios

Natascha Lee Studios Denver Headshots IMG_6461-epl-sfw cropDenver Headshots with Personality for Creative Professionals


Denver Newborn Portraits | Natascha Lee Studios

Isn’t this little newborn just precious? Her Mamma sent me this testimonial, and it is so sweet:

Professional, prepared, patient.  Natascha was all of these things and more.  As a new mom I appreciated the many choices she offered at our newborn session, without overwhelming us at the same time.  Natascha has that special touch in making everyone feel comfortable and relaxed.  Thank you for an exceptionally wonderful experience.

- Amy Oaks, Westminster, Colorado

Natascha Lee Studios Denver Baby Photography IMG_8211-epal-sfwDenver Baby Photography


Just a quick shout-out to my amazing, energetic, fabulous-with-kids, brilliant photo assistant Christina. She was priceless on Sat when we had 5 straight hours of marathon model sessions – most them outside in that cold Denver snow!

Added bonus of working with me? You just might run into insanely handsome and nice men (like Tasos) from your favorite reality TV show The Bachelor! Even I was swooning!

BTW,  if you need an outstanding DJ, this is how to reach him.

Natascha Lee Studios Christina-and-Tasos the bachelor-sfw

Denver Child Model Photographer

Westminster Children’s Photography – Fine Family Portraiture in Black and White – by Natascha Lee Studios

Another of my favorite black and white children’s portraits; I love those soulful eyes.

Westminster's Child Photography in Black and White  - 4 year old boy - Natascha Lee Studios - OS -  bw sfw

Westminster Children’s Fine Portraiture

Boulder and Broomfield Newborn Photography – Fine Family Portraiture in Black and White – by Natascha Lee Studios

Have you ever considered having your fine family portraits made into a non-traditional size wall canvas? Here’s an example.

The tall, thin nature of the sizing really helps you focus on the most important aspect – the tender love between Mamma and baby.

Boulder Baby Photography Natascha Lee Studios IMG_2366_bw eal sfw

Boulder Newborn Baby Portraits

What to Wear (WTC) – Winter Fashion Guide for Engagement Portraits in Denver, Colorado

Wow, that’s quite a bit of snow we got in Denver! Hope you got  to go out and play in it!

If you have Winter engagement portraits planned,  here’s another idea for what to wear.

How cool are those patterned leggings? Just imaging adding a leather jacket to the ladies outfit on the left and you are set for some Urban Couples Portraits.

If you are looking for lots of ideas on what to wear, you can check out my other blog postings on “Style“, or check out my Pinterest guide, “What to Wear“, or check out this pin that has been repinned the most of all my pins.




Denver Baby and Family Photography

Denver Children’s Photography (Anyone else have Spring Fever?) | Natascha Lee Studios

Spring is just around the corner, and I have just a few slots left for Spring Photography Sessions.

Here’s one of my favs from last Spring’s Family Portraits:

Denver Children's Portraits IMG_8230--Natascha-Lee-Studios---Sharing-Files

Denver Children’s Portrait Photography

Denver Gymnastics Girl Portraits – by Natascha Lee Studios

Is your daughter or son into gymnastics in Denver (or anywhere in the Metro Denver area)?  Are you looking for professional portraits that capture their unique personality?

If so, the portrait below is a great example of a gymnstast or dancer portrait, outside of the gymnastics studio.

Look how her beauty and confidence shine through!

Even if your kiddo is a bit shy or nervous, I am a pro at getting folks to feel comfortable.

Here’s what this gal’s mom had to say about our portrait session:

Meghan kept telling me how nice you are and how much she likes you. Thanks for making her experience so fun!
-Tara, Meghan’s mom

Gymnastics Girl Portraits - Natascha Lee Studios IMG_6627-eal-sfw

Denver Portraits for Gymnastics and Dance Moms


Aspens in the Snow – Natascha Lee Studios

Colorado Photo Artist Natascha-Lee-Studios-IMG_1976-2-eal-t-sfwColorado Nature Art and Family Photography

Denver Yoga Model Call – Natascha Lee Studios

Model Call: Are you a yoga teacher or yogini in Denver or Boulder Colorado (or anywhere in between)?  If so,  would you like some *amazing images* of yourself doing some cool yoga poses in a fabulous light filled studio  (like the dancer below, or the image from yesterday’s Denver dancer post)

Specifically looking for a Denver or Boulder yogini (female yoga teacher / yoga practitioner) for a photo shoot in March in Denver. Age range 21 – 101, very fit and flexible, and with a unique look – could be short spiky hair, or long purple hair, or dreads, or lots of tattoos, or even just a peaceful beauty that shines through their eyes!

If interested, pls email two recent photos (one face, and one full body) to: YogaModelCall @   (spaces added to email to make it a bit more difficult on the spam bots! Boo spam bots!)


Denver and Boulder Yoga Model Call - Natascha Lee Studios IMG_7485-eal-sfw - Denver DancerNatascha-Lee-Studios-IMG_7485-eal-sfw-2

Denver Dance and Yoga Photographer


Denver Dancer Photography by Natascha Lee Studios

Absolutely unbelievable, this Denver dancer gal. Love her!Denver Dancer Photographer Natascha Lee Studios IMG_7427-eal-sfw

Denver Portraits for Ballet Dancers, Performers, Actors and (really creative) Corporate Executives


Baby Toes: Golden Newborn Portraits | Natascha Lee Studios

Sweet little newborn baby toes:

Golden Baby Photos by Natascha Lee Studios IMG_8284-eal-sfw

Golden Baby Photography: Baby Toes!

What to Wear (WTC) – Winter Fashion Guide for Family Portraits in Denver, Colorado

We have had unseasonably warm weather in Denver these last few days (love it!), but we know that snow is coming.

I met a fellow mom at the park yesterday, and she had just moved here from New England. She marveled at the weather and said it was so different from what she was accustomed to; I agreed that it’s wonderful, but I also warned her to NOT put away the snow clothes. It is not always like this, and that we will certainly have some snow coming several times until approximately Mother’s Day in May.

Speaking of Winter….do you have Winter family portraits scheduled, and are wondering what to wear? This may help you plan your outfit.

These colors photograph well against our muted colors of Winter here in Colorado. They also photograph well against the snow!

If you are looking for lots of ideas on what to wear, you can check out my other blog postings on “Style“, or check out my Pinterest guide, “What to Wear“, or check out this pin that has been repinned the most of all my pins.

 What to Wear for Family Portraits in Colorado - Cool-Season-Fashion-Guide-NLS-sfw


Denver Baby and Family Photography

Denver Dancer: In My Client’s Words / Testimonial for Natascha Lee Studios

Oh My Gosh! I just opened my email to this *amazing* email from Rachel.

Rachel, thank you so much! You are such a beautiful person, inside and out, and a pretty amazing writer…Dang, now I want to model for this “Natascha.” ;-)

“I am nowhere near a model and was rather skeptical about how my strictly dancer experience would translate in front of the camera. However, the instant I walked into to Natascha Lee’s shoot, I felt more than just at ease, but truly beautiful. She made every effort to empower me, including blasting my favorite Beyonce records to ignite my inner diva. Hours passed in what felt like minutes and my skepticism turned into artistic fuel guided by the ever-creative Natascha. Through encouraging words and strategic direction, Natascha gave me one of the most fun and invigorating photoshoots I’d ever experienced. Feeling alive and dazzling would have been reward enough, but seeing the stunning pictures she produced was incredible. I will treasure these photos forever.”

Rachel Leah

You can see more photos of of Rachel here and here.

Natascha Lee Studios Denver Dancer Women's Fine Portraiture  IMG_7328-eal-sfw

Denver Portraits for Dancers, Performers and Headshots for Corporate Executives


Studio Tour/Specific Images – Natascha Lee Studios – Denver Baby, Kids, and Family Photography

More today from the tour of my light-filled North Denver Portrait Studio!

This is the Movie Preview Room, where we meet two weeks after your session and I show you your beautiful images on a large screen TV.

I’ll also help you pick out your favorite portraits (it’s harder than you think!), and select which products you want to order.

Denver Dancer Portraits - Movie-Premier-Room-and-Lisa

Denver Dancer, Baby, Kid and Family Photographer

  For more photos of my studio, click here.

All images ©2015 Natascha Lee Studios.

Centennial Tween Portraits – by Natascha Lee Studios

Love this Centennial tween portrait – she is styling with the tutu and the pink shoes!Denver Unique Fashion Model Portrait for Tween Girls - IMG_7415-eal-2015-sfwDenver Stylish Portraits for Tween Girls – “Model for a Day”


Denver Children’s Photography | Natascha Lee Studios

Wow – still trying to catch up with posting my favorites from last year…..Here’s another one.  I love that smile!  For those who saw the “Studio Tour” posting, this was taken in the “Sunshine Room.”

Did you know that shy children often feel more comfortable if you give them something to hold during photos? It just has to be something that will look good in the photo! ;-)

Denver Children's Portraits - IMG_5800-eal-sfw-full-size-Natascha-Lee-Studios

Denver Children’s Portrait Photography

Unique, Artistic Portraiture for Denver Women – Mermaids by Natascha Lee Studios (Dancers, Dreamers and Make Believers)

A few days go I posted my new “about me” page, with a wonderful portrait taken of my by Kellie Coughlin. Today, I’m returning the favor and posting my one of my favorite portraits of her.

She’s so beautiful, inside and out!


Denver Photography: Unique Fine Portraits for Strong Beautiful Women

“Dancer” – by Natascha Lee Studios

Denver Dancer by Natascha Lee Studios - IMG_7778-eal-sfw

Unique Denver Portraits for Dancers, Performers and Executives


Denver Newborn Portraits | Natascha Lee Studios

Denver Baby Photography IMG_8257-eal-sfw-Natascha-Lee-Studios

Denver Baby Photography

About the Photographer – Natascha Lee Studios

Here’s my new “9 Things About Me” image, photo taken by the supremely talented Kellie Coughlin. We just hung out @ Union Station for a bit, taking images of each other. It’s a blast to have super talented photographer friends – otherwise, us photogs wouldn’t have many images of ourselves as we are almost always behind the camera. She was saying something hilarious and I just started laughing. I love the spontaneous expression here. Thanks Kellie!

Natascha Lee Studios Broomfield Baby Child Family Photography all-about-me-Nov-2014-sfw

Denver Family Photography