Denver Child Models

Denver Child Models

Denver Child Models

#TBT to a couple cute Denver kids I shot for their first modeling portfolio. Shooting this age is never easy, and you want a photographer who is super familiar with kids and the way to shoot them for modeling – stylish, variety, but capture their unique personality. Basically, their internal and external cuteness!

Denver Child Models

Denver Baby Photography

Denver Baby Photography

It’s Denver Baby Photography week! (Ok, not really  – I made that up. But that last blog post of baby props really put me in the mood to share some of my favorite Denver baby photos – some with props, and some just pure newborn baby goodness!

(BTW, if you are looking to have newborn photos taken of your baby, I always recommend booking in your 6th month, about 3 months from your due date. We’ll put a date on the calendar approx 5 days after birth (but always before 10 days old!), and I’ll keep some flexibility in the weeks before and after, so make sure we can slide the date around to accommodate your actual delivery date. )

Denver Newborn baby with colorful knit hat - Baby Portraits

Denver Baby Photography - Gold Crown

A quick word on baby skin – newborn baby skin can be quite splotchy, dry, red, etc. I do a little skin smoothing, but I don’t want your baby to look like he or she is made of plastic. I prefer a more natural look – or perhaps we should call it a “slightly optimized” natural look. 😉

Denver Newborn Baby Photographer - Natural Photos

Denver Newborn Baby Photography by Natascha Lee Studios

Denver Natural Newborn Photos


Artistic Denver Baby Photography

Top 5 Tips for WOW! Family Portraits | Family Photography by Natascha Lee Studios

Top 5 Tips for WOW! Family Portraits | Family Photography by Natascha Lee Studios

Today I’m updated a blog posting from a while back – its on how to select a great photographer for your family photos.

One of the things I specialize in is capturing your child’s and family’s true spirit and personality during portrait sessions.  Not just stiff posed photos where you look nice. Sure, you want to look great, but you also want to say, “That portrait is so THEM! That’s exactly the expression I recognize.”

This isn’t easy, as your children, spouse, and perhaps even you are possibly meeting me for a the first time, probably at a new location, I’m a stranger behind big black camera, and we are asking them to do things they don’t usually do.

But, as you’ll see from my images and these kind words from super-happy portrait families, capturing stunning images of your children’s true spirit is one of the unique things I deliver to clients.

While I focus (pun intended!)  on local  baby, children and family portraits, these tips will apply to anyone, anywhere planning a professional portrait session with their children.

Here are my top 5 tips for parents looking to have authentic images of your child and family:

Tip 1) Select the right photographer. Look at their portfolio, and see if their style is what you are looking for. Do you prefer posed images? Or more lifestyle images, where people are relaxed and not looking at the camera?  Do you prefer indoor images shot in a studio, or perhaps in your house? Or outdoor images with nature as your backdrop, or perhaps in urban settings? An experienced photographer will have galleries for each of the types of images they shoot, and should have enough images to give you a good idea of their style.

Tip 2) Budget accordingly. Expect to spend money on the right photographer, since talented photographers are in-demand and appropriately compensated for their work. Something to consider: of all the “optional” things you will spend money on this year (restaurants, movies and concerts, new clothes, spa and hair services, those impulse buys at Target and Costco), professional portraits will be one of the most long-lasting purchases, giving you and others the most joy for years to come.

Two Key Tasks: Find a photographer whose style you love and budget appropriately.

Tip 3) Share advance intel. Tell the photographer a few things about your child(ren) in advance – things they like to watch, read, do. That will help create a quick connection and conversation starting point. Similarly, tell your child about the exciting event you are going to do together. Build it up as something special and fun. With your child, visit the photographer’s About Me section of their website – show your children the photographer’s photo, and a bit about them. This will make your child more comfortable with the photographer. And this doesn’t just apply to young children – even teenagers are a bit more comfortable knowing about the photographer (even if they won’t admit it.)

Two Key Tasks: Tell the photographer two things your kid likes, and visit the photographer’s About Me page with your child.

Tip 4) Follow the photographer’s preparation suggestions. A experienced photographer will send you detailed instructions on how to prepare, which go beyond just selecting cute clothes for everyone. Invest time in reading them and doing all the ones that make sense for you and your family. As I tell my clients, proper preparations can take your photos from Amazing to Mind-Blowing.

 Key Tasks: Review and follow the prep  tips. And if all else fails, make sure your kids are well rested, super clean (noses, eyes, face, fingernails, etc.) and select clothes your kids are comfortable in.

Tip 5) Relax. Once you have done all your preparation work, let the photographer do their job. I know it’s tempting to step in and tell you kid what to do/not to do, but that usually creates a more stressed/less cooperative kid, not a more cooperative one. Professional Photographers have plenty of tricks up their sleeve, and sometimes even a roll of SmartiesTM.

Two Key Tasks: Show your child you are relaxed and having fun, and trust the photographer to get amazing images (Because you did follow tip #1, right? 😉 )

Capturing Your Child’s True Spirit and Personality in Vibrant Portraits – Colorado Family Photography

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