Top 215 Photos of 2015 (Happy New Year)

Top 215 Photos of 2015 (Happy New Year)

Happy New Year! 2015 was a great year, and I’m so excited to share the top 215* photos of 2015.

Natascha Lee Studios: Top 215 Portrait Images of 2015 (In 3 Minutes) from N Lee on Vimeo.

*Well, maybe a few extras, it was so hard to cut them down to just 215!

Modeling Headshots for Teen Models – Interview with Boulder High school Girl Sophia

Modeling Headshots for Teen Models – Interview with Boulder High school Girl Sophia

My clients are so interesting! Today, I’m featuring Sophia, a local Boulder high school student, a teen girl model and an all-around nice gal!

Sophia----Model-Headshot-Blog-Collage- Modeling Portfolio Headshots Boulder - Natascha Lee StudiosBoulder Model Portfolio & Headshots

Q: Tell us about yourself and your family.

My name is Sophia, I am 14 years old, and I like volleyball, French, and my amazing friends.

My mother Jennifer is from San Francisco, she loves to paint, and our family likes to travel and spend time together.

Q: What do you dream of doing?

I have never been to New York or LA,  but I would like to travel the world one day.

Q: What surprises people to learn about your mother?

It surprises people when they find out that my mom sings in a band and has a mobile spray tanning business.

Q: What made you interested in modeling?

I always try new things and thought this could be something new that I love doing.

Q. Why did you pick Natascha Lee Studios for your modeling headshots?

She was recommended by our agency, and the photos we saw on her website were amazing.

Q. Was there anything you were nervous or worried about before the session?

Not really; I was very confident about the session even though I had never done it before.

Q.  How did the actual photo session go?

I was happy when I got there that Natascha was so friendly yet very professional.

Q. Any advice to others before their modeling or headshot photo sessions?

If I did the photo session over again I would have changed two little things: 1) brought a powder base to cover any oily skin and 2) brought lots of layers or accessories to add variety to the photos (jacket, scarf, hat, etc.)

Q. How did you feel/what did you think when saw your final images? 

I loved them – They were beautiful and natural. Natascha did an excellent job.

Q.  Now our favorite question of all: If you could have any superpower, which one would it be and why?

If I could have any super power it would be to freeze time so that I can spend more time doing things I love doing and less on work.


Boulder HIghschool Senior Portraits - Natascha Lee Studios - Modeling Porfolio and Headshots

Broomfield Family Photography – Fall Family Portraits Video

Broomfield Family Photography – Fall Family Portraits Video

I’m so excited to share this video with you; it’s from a recent Broomfield family portrait session. One of my favorite sessions of 2015.

Now, usually I don’t share full-family photos between October 1 and Dec 25th. That’s because the families having me take their portraits in the fall are typically looking for photos that they can put on their walls AND use in their Christmas/Holiday cards. many of my clients know each other and/or are just one degree away from each other . Plus, as you know, I’m closed during the month of December.    Since many of my clients are friends with each other (word-of-mouth is how most people find me!), and/or they are only separated by 1 degree –  I don’t want to “steal anyone’s thunder” or ruin the surprise. So I wait till after Xmas to share those family portraits.

I feel like this is a great place to go off on a tangent, and mention that people still LOVE getting real, physical cards in the mail – esp when they include a recent family photo, (ideally a professionally taken one but really any family photo is great) THAT INCLUDES THE PARENTS! Please, parents, do NOT send cards with only photos of your children. If you are sending cards to YOUR friends then they also want to see YOU! I promise you this. We want to see photos of OUR friends just as much as the photos of our friends’ kids!

So, back to the original topic – this lovely mamma has given me permission to put this video up now, before Xmas. I’m not putting it on FB or IG – just on my blog.

We took her family portraits in late October, and the colors were splendid! Two weeks later we did her viewing session (loads of fun with wine, chocolate snacks and so many laughs!)  – and then, the day after their viewing session, she sent me one of the kindest texts ever! It made me so very happy. Have you ever done that, just sent a random gratitude text? What a great way to make someone’s day and to increase the positive energy in the world! I love this gal!

Here is Jade’s Family Portrait video:

Natascha Lee Studios Denver Family Photographer – Jade 1080 from N Lee on Vimeo.

Broomfield Family Photographer

Urban Denver Studio Tour –   Natascha Lee Studios – Denver Baby, Kids, Family and Headshots Photography

Urban Denver Studio Tour – Natascha Lee Studios – Denver Baby, Kids, Family and Headshots Photography

I’m so excited to share the news that I have a new shooting space option for those looking for something between the pure nature of my outdoor family and kid portrait sessions, and the indoor/urban look of my newborn, modeling portfolio and Headshots with Personality(sm). As a bit of background, I shoot family and kid portraits mostly in Broomfield/Westminster, although I also shoot in Boulder, Red  Rocks, Washington Park, etc. – anyplace that is meaningful to my clients.  The latter I shoot mostly at my N. Denver Studio – you can click here to get a full tour of my studio. I love this space!

But today I’m talking about a new option my clients have – it’s this beautiful indoor/outdoor space with a crazy array of different shooting options and spaces, all just a mile from my studio.

This place has it all. We get to close the gates, so the entire space is ours – no worrying about other people getting in the photos. It has amazing light all day. There is a heated barn with beautiful brick walls and lots of natural light. A lovey ivy-covered wall (well, except in winter ;-). Trees, a vine-covered pergola, benches, cool glass barn doors.

  All images ©2015 Natascha Lee Studios

Denver Model Portfolio Photographer Natascha Lee Studios - IMG_0339-(2)-eal-sfw

Denver Urban Portraits by Natascha Lee Studios - IMG_5865-eal-sfw

Natascha Lee Studios - Urban Outdoor Private Shooting Space - Denver Family Photographer

Denver Headshots - Urban Shooting Space - Natascha Lee Studios - IMG_5867-eal-sfw

Broomfield Kid and Family Portraits - Urban Shooting Space - Natascha Lee Studios - IMG_5869-eal-sfw

Wouldn’t this be a great place for a Modeling Portfolio? Or for family portraits for an urban feel?  Let’s do it – Contact me today!

  All images ©2015 Natascha Lee Studios.