It’s Denver Baby Photography week! (Ok, not really  – I made that up. But that last blog post of baby props really put me in the mood to share some of my favorite Denver baby photos – some with props, and some just pure newborn baby goodness!

(BTW, if you are looking to have newborn photos taken of your baby, I always recommend booking in your 6th month, about 3 months from your due date. We’ll put a date on the calendar approx 5 days after birth (but always before 10 days old!), and I’ll keep some flexibility in the weeks before and after, so make sure we can slide the date around to accommodate your actual delivery date. )

Denver Newborn baby with colorful knit hat - Baby Portraits

Denver Baby Photography - Gold Crown

A quick word on baby skin – newborn baby skin can be quite splotchy, dry, red, etc. I do a little skin smoothing, but I don’t want your baby to look like he or she is made of plastic. I prefer a more natural look – or perhaps we should call it a “slightly optimized” natural look. 😉

Denver Newborn Baby Photographer - Natural Photos

Denver Newborn Baby Photography by Natascha Lee Studios

Denver Natural Newborn Photos


Artistic Denver Baby Photography

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