Here is an idea for what to wear for winter (or fall) portraits.  I know this idea only shows adults clothing, but you can use the style and colors as a guideline for what to buy for kiddos, too. And many people who work at clothing stores LOVE to help you pull together outfits when you come in with an inspiration or guide image like this one.

And, if you are wondering who to dress first – it’s yourself, Mom. (Or Dad, if you are the one booking and organizing the shoot.) Then build everyone else’s outfits around yours.


Rich rhubarb red is ready for Fall or Winter – a deep, complex tone that commands attention. This festive color is so powerful even a small accent of it, like a pair of shoes or wool scarf, is enough to add vibrance to the dullest of outfits and backgrounds.

rhubarb-what to wear for couples portraits

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