I’m thrilled to introduce our teen model of the month for March: Paris. Paris is so photogenic! And she was just 11 years old when we did this shoot (she has since turned 12.)  Read on to learn more about her, and her journey as a Denver  Teen Model.

First let’s hear from Paris’ mom, Summer. Mom, tell us about yourself and your family:

My name is Summer Gorman and am a semi-native to Colorado. I was born in California and moved to Colorado when I was 7. First thing I asked when we got to Colorado was what all the white stuff was on the ground. I had never seen snow before.

I love spending time with my family (hubby, son, daughter, and parents), traveling, and watching Paris play volleyball. When I have time to myself, I will work out, go to the movies, or simply do nothing at all!

As a family, we don’t have very much free time. Plus, we each have different interests. We try to go to movies, but again, our movie interests differ. We visit family often and we try to do as much camping as we can over the summer.

Now, let’s hear from Paris in her own words:

My name is Paris Gorman, and I am 12 years old. My favorite book is “Let it Snow” By: John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle. I am obsessed with the TV show “Pretty Little Liars” and my favorite movies are the Harry Potter series. I play club volleyball and I really enjoy doing mine and other people’s makeup. Something I have never done, but dream of doing is to be in the Olympics for (hard court) volleyball!

What is something about you that surprises people about you?

One thing that surprises people is when I tell them I play volleyball for Colorado Juniors. I am actually playing up on a 13’s team, instead of 12’s team.

My friends say that I am very goofy and I talk a lot.

What made you interesting in modeling?

I have always wanted to be a model for the brand PINK or for NIKE. I have had a fairly good experience so far, but have only been a backup in one commercial. I am still grateful I could be in a commercial though! I love meeting new people and hope to meet many more on my next modeling job.

Why did you pick Natascha Lee Studios for your modeling headshots?

Wilhelmina gave us a whole bunch of choices for a photoshoot, and Natascha Lee Studios caught our eye the most. We were told that she knows exactly what Wilhelmina is looking for, and she sure did!

Was there anything you were nervous or worried about before the session?

I was nervous about my skin. Like most teens, I can breakout pretty bad sometimes. I am also very clumsy, so I had a whole bunch of scratches on my legs and arms.

How did the actual photo session go?

The photo session went really good! My favorite part was being able to pose for the camera and be outside!

Any advice to other models before their photo sessions?

Just make sure you give yourselves multiple choices, from shoes and clothes, and your hair. It’s always good to make sure you feel confident and comfortable in your outfits too. Always make sure you put your happy face on, they don’t want to see a sad model!

How did you feel/what did you think when received your images?

I thought they looked amazing. I was actually surprised at how good my skin looked! I also couldn’t believe how long my legs looked!

If you could have any superpower, which one would it be and why?

I would love to fly, obviously! The reason being is I would like to see the world from a different perspective and to be in control of where I was going. I would also be able to visit any place I want to, like Paris, France or Venice, Italy!

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Denver Teen Model of the Month: Paris , headshots by Natascha Lee Studios

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