Denver Portrait photographers have two favorite things we do at the start of the new year. The 1st one is to assemble our favorite photos from that last year; I like do to mine in video form. (click here to see my “Best of 2015” Video.)

The start of the year is also a great time for us professional photographers to catch up on portrait sessions that we never got around to sharing on social media. Esp at the end of the (previous) year, it’s such a busy time that our top priority is delivering portraits to clients, and our blogs/facebook/IG feed/etc tend to get neglected. But now that it’s a new year, I’m happy to finally get to share some images that have been waiting on my computer for a while now.

This little boy is beyond adorable! We did the shoot @ a local farm, and he was dressed oh-so-right (which did not surprise me since his Mamma is very stylish). I photographed him when he was 3 months old, when he was almost 2, when he was almost 3, and he has a newborn little brother that I will be photographing very soon! I have photographed him so many times that when he saw me drive into the parking lot of this local farm, he started saying “smile! smile!” (For the record, I don’t ask kids to smile, as I want authentic emotion, and they rarely give real smiles on command, but I think “smile” the word he most associated with seeing cameras come out so it’s what came to mind.  And yes, that is an impressively long run on sentence – if you have met me in person, you  know that I often talk that exact way. )

Denver Children's Photography - Little boy @ Farm by Natascha Lee Studios

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