I’ve been meaning to post this iphone snapshot for a while – a little bts from a shoot in late Summer. We were shooting a family portrait during sunrise @ Washington Park and the sprinklers turned on just as we showed up at our 2nd shoot location by the lawn bowling area. The 1st location was by the boathouse, and the second would be at the other end of the park near the lake, lawnbowling and small playground. As we drove up, I saw that the sprinklers were on, and my assistant and I quickly started to strategize how we could shoot without my clients (or my photography gear) getting wet – it was not going to be easy.  The worst is when you carefully select an area away from the sprinklers, get everyone set up, and then the sprinklers turn off in the other area, and suddenly turn on in the area where you are standing. And these clients had AMAZING beautiful dark hair (well, the mother and daughters did. ;-), and they def would not want water getting on their perfectly blown out locks.

All this is going through my head as I get out of the car, and I notice Dad was on the phone as he got out of his car. And this is what I hear, “Hey! It’s me. The sprinklers by the Lawn Bowling area? We are trying to get portraits done here. Can you turn them off for 15 minutes?”  I was both floored and amused, and I had to quickly snap an iphone shot of him.  (See the sprinklers going in the background?)

It all worked out; With one phone call he had the sprinklers turned off for 20 minutes so we could finish our portraits without getting wet. That’s being connected in all the right ways! I kept joking with him during our shoot, “You know,  I don’t like how loud that plane is overhead, can you pls make a call and have it re-routed?”  😉

Washington Park Urban Family Portraits by Natascha Lee Studios - Sprinkler Challenges

Denver Urban Family Portraits

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