I shoot modeling portfolio images and headshots. Mostly for models, dancers,  gymnastics and executive/business people. I have done this for years, and I’m even the official “in-house” photographer for local modeling agency Wilhelmina. It’s great fun, shooting modeling portfolio images for kids from 6 months up to 17 years old.

This photo below is one of my favs from a recent portfolio session. This teen model had this great half smile, and I love love it! (I will typically shoot a full range of expressions for any type of headshot, modeling or portfolio session – serious, half smile,  big smile, and right out laughing.) The funny thing is that neither she nor her mother were aware of her great half smile  – I was the first one to capture/notice it. Here it is:

Modeling Portfolio Images for Denver Modeling Agency - Teens , Kid's Development Division

I started telling her how much I love her half smile, but she didn’t believe me. I asked her mother if she had noticed it, and she also hadn’t! That’s one of the great joys of working with a professional photographer; we always bring out something new or previously-unnoticed in my clients. Something that is totally “them”, but still new and fresh and fun.

So, since she didn’t believe or wasn’t aware of her great half smile, I had to show her the actual photo (above) on the back of my camera.

This is what she looked like just after I showed it to her. She and her mother were laughing at the new discovery.   (Yea, there was lots of laughing and fun @ our shoot. That’s pretty much how all my shoots go. I never know who has more fun – me or the people I photograph. )

modeling portfolio images for Denver girl models -  with huge smile and beautiful long brown hair

If you are looking for modeling headshots for your teenager (or child) in Denver, contact me for more info.

Modeling Portfolio Images for Denver Models

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