I’m so excited to share an image of a Broomfield portait client’s final art, hanging in their home.

Last last year, local Broomfield Mamma Jenny bid and won a photo session with me at a local charity auction.

About two weeks after a portrait session, I meet my clients in my North Denver studio to share their final portrait gallery in a lovely movie format, set to music. As you know from my studio tour, I’ve got comfty couches, beer, wine and soda, as well as a playroom if the kiddos come along. This Move Premier lets portrait clients see all their images in their full resolution glory, as well as allows me to assist them in selecting their favorite images for wall art, albums, and gifts for family members.

Jenny and I had set up the viewing appointment for 5:30pm on a weekday, not really thinking about rush hour traffic. We each encountered traffic getting there (note to self: no more appointments during evening rush hour), but we decided that some wine would take care of that…..I even had a really nice bottle of red ready. And then…TRAGIC! I couldn’t find the wine opener anywhere! Argghhh. At least we managed to open the sparkling cider for her girls. And I have since made sure we have two! wine openers in the studio kitchen.

With our non-wine drinks (tragic!), we settle into the couches and chairs and I start their Preview Movie. This super cool and fun Mamma started tearing up at the first image (which is normal – most Mammas  tear up when they are seeing portraits of their precious children.) But then her reaction was even better….. by the third image, she leaned forward with this look of..joy and disbelief.  It looked like she was in shock at how stunning her girls’ portraits were! I was smiling from ear to ear!

The adorable girls, well they loved being “movie stars” but I think their favorite was the playroom @ my studio with an Xbox, or perhaps it was the Martinellis apple cider they got to sip out of wine glasses.

After much discussion about which images to get for her wall collage, I helped her select her final portraits. And here, without further ado, is the iphone snapshot she sent me of the final wall. Isn’t it wonderful?

Broomfield Family Portraits - children and dog - images on wall jenni

Broomfield Family Photography

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