A word of advice for my fellow Denver parents – get your grocery shopping done today! Tomorrow and Wed are going to be crazy crazy @ the grocery stores.

I went yesterday during the Denver Broncos game (yay Peyton! 39-36 over Miami), which is usually a quiet time to go, but it was packed!

Ok, my PSA for Denver parents is done, and now on to my posting:

I love this detail/behind the scenes shot from my recent Holiday Mini Sessions for kids.

That’s me in the center, reflected in the holiday ornament.

Any of my fellow photogs laugh when they happen to catch a photo or a reflection of what they look like while shooting? I am always amazed at how much I bend down, lean over, etc. No wonder my back hurts after a few hours. Esp if I’m using Thor (my 2.8 70-200)

Anyway, I just love all the sparkly silver in this scene! One of my very favorite clients commented over on my FB page that this will be a fun photo to look back on once I have retired.

I responded, “Didn’t you know? Photographers never retire, they just loose their focus.” 😉

Denver Baby Photography Natascha Lee Studios IMG_6991-ornament-detail-bts-eal-sfw

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