I love doing team headshots for local organizations. Headshots with personality(sm) will help your images and your organization stand out and get noticed. And, your employees will appreciate having flattering, unique images of themselves.

 When I do business headshots, I’ll typically work with someone in Marketing or HR beforehand, and then come in for a morning and take amazing, personality-filled portraits of all your executives, staff, or employees, etc.

Are you thinking of having headshots taken of your team in Denver, Boulder, Broomfield, or anywhere in between? If so, here are three key steps for making sure you get amazing headshots.

(Really, these are three key steps for any time you are working with a professional photographer).

Top 3 Tips for Great Headshots

Step 1)  Select the correct photographer.

Ask for recommendations, Google local photographers, and check out their galleries to see their style.

Step 2)  Communicate what you are looking for and how you plan to use the photos.

Are you looking for casual? Professional? Trustworthy? Fun?

Do you need them for your website bios? For huge conference signage? For brochures? Will you be providing copies to your employees as an employee bonus? All these are important things to cover with your photographer.

Step 3)  Invest in the preparation steps your photographer provides you.

This includes how to communicate “photoshoot day” to your team, what sort of support or space your photographer will need, and recommended prep tips for those getting photographed. If your photographer doesn’t provide you with any preparation tips, you may need to go revisit step #1.

If you have a team of 5 or more employees, and you would like to schedule on-site or studio headshots, please contact me!

Broomfield Headshots with Personality - IMG_6704-epl-sfw-2-Natascha-Lee-Studios

Broomfield Headshots Photographer for Executives, Business People, Not For Profit Staff, and Educators

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