Broomfield, Colorado Ballet Girl Beauty – Fantasy Dress-Up Fine Art Portraits for “Dancers, Dreamers and Make-Believers(tm)” | by Natascha Lee Studios)

This sweet little Broomfield girl is as beautiful inside as she on the outside. And she is silly, goofy and fun! When she sees me, she gives me “Squeezy Hugs.” 😉

This one of of our more quiet poses from my recent Ballet Art Portrait Series…but soon I’ll post another one of the final selections by her parents, which will show her other side (the crazy goofy side!).

Broomfield Colorado Children's Fine  Portraiture for Dancers, Dreamer and Make-Believers by Natascha Lee Studios

Broomfield, Colorado:  Children’s Fine Portraiture for “Dancers, Dreamers and Make-Believers” ™


  1. Kristin Lamendola says:

    Love her body language. Her face is almost in a smile; but she won’t give you all openness.

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