In Celebration of Mothers

Those who have spoken with me know that I am pretty passionate about photographing mothers and fathers with their children; not just the children alone, but children with their parents as well! How else can you truly capture the love and special connection of a family?

When I get push back on this (“Oh, no I don’t want to be in the photos – just the kids!”), I ask:

What is *your* most cherished childhood photo?

Is it the one of you smiling big on your first day of school? The one where you are holding up a Christmas gift? One where you are sleeping on the beach?  Or is it one that includes your parents, playing with you, holding you, just being themselves?

For most of us, our most cherished images include our parents, and show the love we felt for each other. They might not be technially perfect, they probably aren’t cheesy posed images; they are real and they are precious.

I worry that mothers are taking hundreds (thousands?) of images of their kids, and not including themselves in hardly any of them! I want to encourage all those moms who take tons of snapshots of their kids, to make sure that they themselves are in at least some of them.

It’s not hard, I promise! Have your spouse take a turn with the camera/phone, ask another parent to snap a few, hold the camera or phone out the way you do when you take pix with your bestie, or even give the camera to your kiddo and ask them to take your photo. (Just make sure you position your kiddo or yourself so they aren’t shooting up your nostrils. )

That photo where your hair wasn’t perfect but you were having a snow fight with your kids? Or the one where your smile is a little lopsided and you are still in your PJs? Or the one where you looked tired from being up half the night with the baby but you are lovely gazing down at your todder?  That’ll probably be their favorite.

To sweeten the deal and hopefully encourage you more, share your mommy-included-photo (MIP) with me and win a mini photo session!  Post it on my FB page, or tag me in it, or email to me, or even just message me that you did it; no need to share the image if you don’t want to.

I’ll enter you into a drawing for a free mini-session with digital negatives.

Yay Motherhood!

I’ll end with  a sneak peek of a maternity session I did last night.

I can’t wait to see them again in a month to meet her baby girl and do her newborn pix!

Maternity Photos

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