Great Resource on What To Wear | Broomfield, Colorado Baby and Family Portraits by Natascha Lee Studios

When the weather is flirting with rain and the sky is turning gray, like it is right now in Broomfield, I crave bright colors.

Heck, as you can tell from my baby, child and family photography, I love bright colors regardless of the season or weather.

Along those same lines, I just love this color guide for portrait clothes from Lina Jarmond. (Thanks to Lina for letting me re-post it here.)

I am almost all booked for my fall sessions , and one of the first questions  people ask is, “What should I wear?”

See the nifty image below for ideas (each color palette has a Mommy, Daddy and Kiddos suggestions), and/or check out page 26 in my Summer Studio Magazine.

What to Wear from Lina J on Broomfield Family Photography by Natascha Lee Studios


  1. […] This is the first of three posts with handy-dandy guides and suggestions. I think I”m partial to this particular style guide because it matches the colors in my logo!For more suggestions, check back in a few days and/or see my previous post here. […]

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